Stuck With Miss Despicable

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       Have you ever felt that your actions are being entirely controlled by someone, specially a person you don't even know? Do you often change your views and plans according to the demands of someone else? What if you fall for that Despicable person who's trying to control your life? Would you ever give that abhorrent love a chance?





       Yay! This is my first time ever writing a fic here in AFF. With, of course, my OTP for life and until the next life, YOONSIC xD

And with a big participation of SooFany ;>

I've written this story even before I hit uni so I think it's kinda lame, and maybe a bit cliche.

But I hope you fellas give it a try.. I am writing this fic because I really, really love SNSD, specially my Yoonsic. Forgive me if I will ever make a fault with this story. I know eveybody's worth giving a chance, right?


Thank You with all my heart ^^


So yeah... here it goes....




Thanks to those who subscribed and read SWMD ^o^

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screwtape #1
Chapter 31: The 5th time.
Everytime i miss yoonsic, i ll came here anf read... to author nim, good job. U deserve nothing but complimets on ur good work. Again, thanks for an amazing and mind blowing story... keep up the good work authornim... :)

ladypichacio #2
Chapter 23: Oh may god !!!!! I just feel so bad obaut yooona sixa in this chpter , cryyyyy
Chapter 31: Thanks for this story. I loved how you used words not being too mushy or what. Its just perfectly fine. How i wished they are even real. Haha, clap clap. I had mixed emotions reading this story and it's seems real. Tbh, like rollercoaster fun, so daebakk on that and i couldn't comment more, wow. Can't believe that i finished it in less than 2 days, that was surely tiring on my part. But it's worth it after all, clap clap ^^
Chapter 30: Haha I love how you end this. I mean, i didn't see thag coming. A little provoking from the bestfriend surely made a great impct for the both. Lol, they really love each other and the way they got back together, its quite amusing how they put everything behind. Great story, ~~
Chapter 28: Woooa, alright i told myself that i will comment once I'm done reading all the chapters. But, this one is an exemption. Both wanted to be with each other thinking that they both be healed at the same time they are hurting so much. They love each other much but there's this thing stopping them from being getting back, pride i think, or the damage it has cause. Surely, no matter how you love a person, accepting the fact that you might be th one to hurt them the most, is already inevitable. Time won't do a thinf if the heart is not ready to cooperate a, more importantly, ready to love again. A lot has happened bet this two, and the past can't be undone. It was a mistake for yoona to leave just like that. I can't a blame jessie. Now it has happened, actually, although this story already was completed. I still hoped of a nice and warm ending. (You made my heart flinched, haha)
oungie87 #6
Chapter 31: happy, sad, crying and other feel i got it of your story.... thanks :)
mizz_maomao #7
Chapter 20: I cried really hard in this chapter, omg,, it's like I can feel the hurt when sooyoung knew the truth about tiffany.
ysa7812 #8
Chapter 31: Waaahh! I just finished your story. And you know what author, its great, amazing and WOW! ^o^
anightangel #9
Chapter 23: Omg!!! I am so glad you are back. I have wanted to re read this story for awhile now but couldn't because I think your account got deactivated or something. But I'm so happy you have returned.:)
This was and still is, one of my all time favorites.if you ever decide to pdf this story, please let me know. I love it!!!
AbstractEcstasy #10
Chapter 21: Woah and I look like an idiot in the middle of my Chemistry class, I was reading this and my teacher told me to solve the problem on the board hahahaha and I was like... "The hell ma'am wrong timing".

Never ever read a very good fanfic like this while in class, you'll be lost in your own world. Lesson learned. :) Good job author.