Meet My 'FAKE' Husband, Kris Wu! [EDITING]

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{ Kim Hyemi }





{ Wu Yi Fan / Kris }





{ EXO-M }



{Other characters will be added in the story}






Author: --cherryblossom (previous username as caffemocha)

Created on: 16th Feb 2013 

Finished on: currently editing

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fluff

Warnings: Mature/Inappropriate language

Author's note: I do not own any of the characters pictures. Credits to the rightful owner. Other characters will appear in the story.

Do not read the COMMENTS as it contained comments from the last post before I decided to edit this story. So, I advice you not to spoil yourself by reading those LOL

All of the characters personalities are based from my ideas , not for REAL. Calm down yo ORZ

Any similarities with other stories are purely coincidence. And english is not my NATIVE language. 

No translate in other language or plagiarize this story! 

Enjoy :)


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I'm deciding for a re-do to add a few scenes in the story.

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marissa23 #1
Chapter 12: please update soon author-nim.....
song_hye_rim99 #2
Chapter 12: Yeayyy!!! Finally! Thanks for updating
2407briana #3
Chapter 12: Thanks for updating g !!
Chapter 12: Finally! It's okay, thank you for the update! Hope you'll be consider for making nct u story? Hehehe but if you don't, its ok
teentoper #5
Chapter 11: pweaseee...update...please......
im begging u authornim
chaebalyo~ ilove this story
loverof88 #6
Re read this story again:) while waiting for it to be update' i will wait for the story to be updated:)
Chapter 11: Yaaassssss Chen! :)
Chapter 11: Kim JongDae is forever a trolling chensing..
Chapter 11: hahahaha evil chen! I love his idea also the chapter :)
cuteflower #10
Chapter 10: Fanmi is nice.Aww they are too cute