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Meet My 'FAKE' Husband, Kris Wu! [RE-DO]





Kim Hyemi / You {21}





Wu Yi Fan / Kris  {23}








{Other characters will be added in the story}






Kim Hyemi is just an ordinary girl that who acts the same way as the other girls out there.

She's weird, noisy, laugh out loud without having to care what the others think about her. 

Basically, she isn't the type that would be spending her time or money over something useless. 

She never cares having to wear branded clothes, new collection of Gucci handbag, 4-inch high heels or short skirt just to gain attentions from the guys.

She prefers simple in her life. Even though she lived in Los Angeles for years with her grandparents, she never changed her styles since she was a kid. She is still the same Kim Hyemi like how she used to be. A talkative one and easy-going person to talk to.

As her childhood friend, Kris Wu. He's the most annoying person she's ever known in her life. A good-looking guy but has this weird habit to annoy everyone around him.

She hates him, like how she used to say it to him thousand times when they met when they were kids.

Kris would annoy her to death and Hyemi would be crying all day long, wishing that there would be a day she won't have to see him anymore.

Unfortunately, she has to live in her own country with her parents and faces with her annoying childhood friend that she has been hating.

Knowing that her parents decided for an arranged marriage with Kris just made her to feel like she is being thrown in the hell.

She never expected to be getting married with an annoying jerk as him. 




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Author's note: Hiiiii! I know I have completed with this story before but I decided for a re-do to make some changes with the scenes, making it to be much better so do wait for my updates patiently since I'm struggling with my college life *sobs* And I warn you, if you're a new reader, DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS because it will spoil everything before you read the story till the end. LOL. Those are previous comments when I completed with the story in the couple months ago. But, still, I will try my best to make you feel satisfied with the story. I'd be much appreciated if you support, subscribe and leave your comments. You know, even a single comment means a lot to me <333 :"D 

Enjoy reading!



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