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Meet My 'FAKE' Husband, Kris Wu! [RE-DO]



He's the most annoying guy that I've ever known. 

He can be noisy.

He can be weird.

And always think that he's perfect and good in everything. 

I hate him. If you ask me, who is my enemy and who is the person that I hate the most.

I will say, "It's Kris Wu."


Living in Los Angeles with my grandparents for such a long time since I was a kid. But everything changed when I had to move back to Seoul. And I had to meet with the only person that I hate the most in my life, Kris Wu.


It became worse when our parents decided for arranged marriage.

Between Kris Wu and I.






 Kim Hyemi / You {21}






  Wu Yi Fan / Kris Wu {23}










- Other characters will be added in this story.


- Since English is not my first language, there might be a few grammar/vocabulary mistakes or spelling errors. 

- Credit all pictures & gifs in this story to the rightful owners

caffemocha was my username before & currently as --cherryblossom


I decided for a re-do of this story so, if you're a new reader here, do not read the comments or you're going to spoil your own mood lol. 


- Credit poster & background to creamysmiles 








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AngleInspirit #1
Chapter 6: this story's good... why are people unsubscribing? well, people are just weird... I cant wait for your next update...
sehunomg #2
Chapter 6: 파이팅!!!!!!!!!
2407briana #3
Chapter 6: I don't know why people are unsubscribing... I'm always waiting for an update ! Please continue writing! Always supporting you ~♡
shen0801 #4
Chapter 6: I do like the story but the updates are slow maybe that's the reason why some are unsubscribing themselves. I know its not easy to write stories though I'm not a writer, I'm just here to read and past time, I know that you also have other things to attend to beside updating stories snd I completely understand too. I have a life too beside being a reader here in AFF. But for us readers, it's more fun and exciting to read a story that is really regularly updated. Don't get me wrong authornim, I'm not demanding you or anything I'm just stating my opinion. Peace! :)
qinmad #5
Chapter 5: I really like the story, even tho there area lot.of them with similar storyline, your writing style is making it way better than most.of them, it's good :) update soon and I'll hope to read it.as soon as possible :) x
wuyisya #6
Chapter 5: Update juseyo ㅠㅠ
YinZikool #7
Chapter 5: It is so good.. I like this story.. keep updating authornim ^^
wuyisya #8
Chapter 5: Yay~ I love this ff. Update soon!!
kleinehuang #9
Chapter 5: so, it's double update? because I felt I'm not yet read chapter4, so I just decided to read chap 4 D:
shen0801 #10
Chapter 5: They were choosing their wedding dress and suits on chapter three right?