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Meet My 'FAKE' Husband, Kris Wu! [RE-DO]



He's the most annoying guy that I've ever known. 

He can be noisy.

He can be weird.

And always think that he's perfect and good in everything. 

I hate him. If you ask me, who is my enemy and who is the person that I hate the most.

I will say, "It's Kris Wu."


Living in Los Angeles with my grandparents for such a long time since I was a kid. But everything changed when I had to move back to Seoul. And I had to meet with the only person that I hate the most in my life, Kris Wu.


It became worse when our parents decided for arranged marriage.

Between Kris Wu and I.








 Kim Hyemi / You {21}






  Wu Yi Fan / Kris Wu {23}










Other characters will be added in this story

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A/N: Sorry for the sudden decision. I just though to re-do the story since there might be a few changes in plot and I'll be adding a few scenes in the story. So, for those who has subscribed to the story, you can follow the update. And for those who just subscribed, I hope you can wait for my updates patiently. The sequel started before I decided to re-do this story. Don't read the comments! It's just going to spoil you, new readers. Lol. 



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