I lied ok?

Cleaning for the Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality


Your POV:

It’s been about a month since I dropped eggs on Joon’s head and stopped talking to him, but hey he brought it upon himself. Grace was at the J.Tune Camp Office discussing something with Rain and I was cleaning the bathroom when Mir came in reading a book, a Japanese book.

‘Aishweeteru?’ He said to himself

‘Aieru’ I said to him ‘You pronounce it Aieru’

‘How do you know Japanese?’ He asked shocked

‘I did Japanese at school, but don’t tell anyone ok?’ I said to him ‘You can come to me for help whenever you want’

‘Ok’ He said smiling ‘But why doesn’t JiHoon Hyung know that you speak Japanese?’

‘Because If I told him, I would have to teach you Japanese as well as clean, it’s tiring looking after you boys’ I said

‘Awww you’re the best’ He said hugging me ‘And I promise not to tell anyone’

‘Thanks Mir’ I replied ‘Hey _______ what’s with the scar on your wrist?’

‘This thing?’ I said holding up my left wrist ‘I was wearing a bracelet tight bracelet for too long and well it sort of cut into my wrist’

‘Oh ok’ He smiled

After Mir discovered my amazingly un-creative secret, I continued cleaning the bathroom and then started on the laundry. You wouldn’t believe how much clothing these guys go through and they don’t even have any schedules! Mir changes his shirt 5 times a day, Joon is always sweaty and he doesn’t even shower just changes his shirt and dries himself under the air conditioner. G.O is always baking with CheonDung in the kitchen which is why it’s constantly messy and Seungho always eating while G.O and CheonDung cook so that’s a normal day for MBLAQ.  Grace had come back from the office and we were waiting for G.O to come back from wherever he mysteriously disappeared to. I had come back from picking up Grace and we had walked in when I saw Joon standing in front of the door and I went to walk past him when he grabbed my wrist.

‘Let go’ I said twisting my wrist

‘No’ He said harshly ‘You’ve ignored me for a whole month and now it’s time to talk’

‘Fine then’ I said annoyed ‘Talk’

He let go of my wrist and I spun around to look at him and crossed my arms over my chest.

‘Why are you ignoring me?’ He asked

‘Because you ruined my life’ I said

‘I had no choice in leaving’ He said

‘So you could have at least called’ I said

‘And I did!’ He said raising his voice ‘You were the one who wouldn’t talk’

‘Because of you becoming famous I GOT THE TALK’ I yelled back ‘Umma was like “______ look at what Joon has done”. I got the expectation talk just because you decided to become famous’

‘You said you didn’t know us’ He said

I looked into the corner of my eye and I could see Seungho, Mir, CheonDung and Grace watching both of us.

‘Yeah well I lied ok? I know who all of you are. Bang ChulYong, Park SangHyun, Jung ByungHee, Yang Seungho and Lee Changsun. I hated it when my friends were going on about MBLAQ “Look how cool they are” or “Aren’t they amazing?” My friends would all say and I was the only who had nothing to say, because you decided to ditch me and live better leaving me to suffer. I knew who Lee Joon was because I was the only one who knew him that well, everyone else had no idea I was friends with you and I was happy enough for it stay that way but no it just wouldn’t. Your parents just had to go and boast about it until it reached my school and guess what? I lost all my friends because of you’ I yelled, my voice cracking ‘My friends thought I was a for not telling them and you want to know why I didn’t say anything? Because I knew that if they knew, I would get harassed into getting autographs from you. I protected you for a reason because I knew how hard it was’

He just looked at the floor.

‘Nothing to say?’ I said ‘I thought so. You famous people are all the same only thinking of yourself and not even caring about everyone else’

He lifted his hand and slapped me. I fell to the floor from the impact of his slap and I felt my face swell from the impact. The next thing I knew I saw Joon on the floor, bleeding and Grace holding a Japanese text book in her hand.


Seungho’s POV:

We heard ______ and Joon yelling over something but what it was we didn’t exactly know. We ran out to see Grace standing there watching not knowing what to do, we stood there knowing that getting involved was a bad idea. I knew something was going to go wrong, as I could see Joon curling his hand up into a ball and he slapped her. I felt like punching Joon but Grace had already done it for me. She gripped at the Japanese Text book in her hand and smacked Joon across the face with it. He was now on the floor with a cut on his forehead, ______ with a swollen cheek and Grace standing still while the book fell to the floor. The door and G.O walked in, with a scar covering his mouth.

‘I’m…back’ He said looking around ‘What happened?’

______ stood up and grabbed her jacket and walked towards the door. She stopped at the door frame.

‘Mir you were wondering how I got this cut on my wrist right?’ She said holding up her wrist ‘It wasn’t a bracelet, but I cut it myself because I was lonely’

And with that she walked out the door. I wanted to run after her but Mir stopped me.

‘Hyung, let her go’ He said ‘This problem has been going on for too long and you need her to cool off’

I would have usually ignored Mir but I actually listened to what he had said and I kept put and then I looked at Joon. I walked towards him and grabbed his collar and punched him.

‘You idiot’ I spat ‘Where did you get the guts to hit a girl?’

I said punching him again.

‘Can you please stop fighting?’ Grace said

I couldn’t hear what she had said until CheonDung had pulled me back, but I went ahead and pounced back onto Joon.


G.O’s POV:

I had gone out and come back to hear nothing but silence and two injured people. Once _______ had left Seungho instantly jumped onto Joon and started punching him, CheonDung tried pulling him back but he went straight back for more. I quickly grabbed Grace’s hand and pulled her outside into the hallway and I took her upstairs onto the roof. The night sky was shining brightly because the stars were showing.

‘I’m sorry’ I said in my best Japanese ‘We are idols and we should be maintaining our image’

‘It’s ok’ She said ‘I’m not the sort of person that handles fights that well’

We stayed up there star gazing. I decided to show her something.

‘Oh look’ I said uncovering my mouth, with my shaved moustache ‘Is it good?’

‘Wah! You look a lot younger’ She said ‘No I didn’t mean to offend you I mean…’

‘It’s ok’ I smiled at her ‘JiHoon Hyung said it’s good for making me stand out’

‘You always stood out to me’ She muttered under her breath.

‘Thanks’ I rubbing the back of my neck ‘So where do you think ______ went?’

‘She usually eats when she’s sad so she’s probably eating somewhere’ She smiled

‘You’re not worried?’ I asked her

‘Nah she’s a smart girl, she won’t do anything stupid’ She smiled

~Hopefully she doesn’t. Otherwise Seungho Hyung will go mental! ~

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