Jessica was opened her car’s door after she locked her house. It’s 5 P.M. She went to the flower-shop for bought some flowers. After that, she continued her trip.

A few minutes later, she arrived at her destination. She went down from the car with the flowers in her hand. Graveyard. Yeah, she always went to the graveyard almost everyday in the afternoon.

She smiled bitterly and quat when she arrived at one of stombstone. She put the flowers on the grave.

Hello again, Yul. I’m here again to visit you as usual.” She said.

She started to praying for her dead-girlfriend to God. After praying, the past-accident, which have made her girlfriend dead, suddenly running again in her mind. She almost crying when she remembered those time.



Hello, Sica baby~” greet the girl besides the phone.

Yah, Yul! Where are you now?!” asked Jessica.

I’m so sorry, Sica baby. I got stuck in the traffic jam.

Mmm.. It’s getting 10 minutes late for the film, Yul.” the brunette was pouting.

I know. I’m so sorry. I promise to be there as soon as possible, okay?

Okay. Be quick, please.

Okay, Sica baby. I love you.” said Yuri.

I love you more, Kwon Seobang.” said Jessica.


Yeah, she will celebrate her 3rd anniversary with her seobang. Her name’s is Kwon Yuri. They loved each other since high school.

While waiting her seobang, Jessica decides to continue reading the novel which she bought yesterday. Few minutes later, when Jessica is drown in her novel, her phone suddenly rang. She quickly ran to her desk and press the answer button.

Hello?” She didn’t know who is the caller, because it’s unknown number.

Hello. Is this Ms. Jung Jessica?” said the man beside the phone.

Uhm.. Yes. Why? Whom am I talking with?

Sorry for disturbing you this night. I’m a policeman.

It’s okay. Oh, uhm.. Why you call me? Is there something important, Sir?” Jessica had a bad feeling after she knows that a policeman call her.

Uhm.. Yes. It’s about Ms. Kwon.

Yuri?! What happening with her?! Where’s she now?!” Jessica asked in panic.

She.. She had a traffic accident. She is in Seoul Hospital now.

As the police said that, Jessica changed her clothes quickly and went to her car. Few minutes later, she arrived at the hospital. She didn’t remember how’s she arrive at there. She drove the car with high speed because she was panic with her girlfriend’s condition.

After arrived at the operation room, she met with a policeman.

Are you Ms. Jung?” asked that policeman.

I am. How’s my girlfriend?” asked Jessica while she was out of breath because of running.

She’s in there.

May I know, how’s the accident?

Sure. That time, Ms. Kwon was about drove her car with a medium speed. She drove with normal. But, there’s a truck from opposite direction which drove with high speed. The driver was drunk. He can’t control the steer, and that truck smack Ms. Kwon’s car.

Jessica was crying after she heard the accident story from the police. She was anxious with her girlfriend who’s in the operation room. She bites her lips because of that. Only praying that she can do now. God, please save my Yuri, tought Jessica.

Few minutes later, the operation room’s light turn off. Jessica stood up and walks to the door, while the doctor was going out from the room.

Doctor! How was my girlfriend’s condition?” asked Jessica.

Who are you, Miss?

I’m Jessica Jung, Yuri’s girlfriend. How’s she, Doc?

The doctor just let out a deep sigh than answering Jessica’s question. Jessica realized that there’s something not good with her girlfriend.

Answer me, please.

I’m sorry, Ms. Jung. Ms. Kwon was lost many blood—

Jessica quickly cuts off the doctor’s explained. “You can do the tranfusion. Please save my girlfriend no matter what, Doc.

There’s the problem. We don’t have stock of Ms. Kwon’s blood type. And about Ms. Kwon’s condition.. She was dead about 5 minutes ago. We’re so sorry, Ms. Jung. We’ve tried our best. But, if you wants to see Ms. Kwon, you can go inside.” The doctor leaving Jessica alone with her teary eyes.

Jessica quickly went inside the operation room. She saw her girlfriend’s body lifessly. Jessica walks slowly approach to Yuri.

I don’t believe it.. How the doctor could said that you’re dead, if I saw you was like sleeping in peacefully.” Jessica began to sobs again.

She really can’t believe that her girlfriend was dead now. She was crying loudly. At the time, Taeyeon and Tiffany was came. Tiffany hugged her bestfriend tightly.

Sshh, don’t crying, Jessie. I’m here.” said Tiffany while rubs Jessica’s back.

F—Fany.. Yuri is leaving me now.. She broke her promise..” Jessica said while sobbing.

She is with us. She is with you. She is in our heart.” said Tiffany while rubbing Jessica’s back, trying to restful her.

A few days later it was Yuri’s funeral. All of Yuri’s family and friends attend the funeral. Jessica was also in there too. Her face shows that she didn’t sleep enough.

After that, Yuri was buried in the ground. Everyone was leaving except Jessica. She gently touching Yuri’s photo.

S- Seobang-ah, I love you” said Jessica before she leaving the graveyard.



Hey, Seobang-ah, I’ve made you some of your favourite meal. I can cook now! Hehehehe..” said Jessica while open the lunch-box and showing to Yuri’s photo the meal that she cooked.

Oh, do you remember this date, Seobang? It’s our 4th anniversary!! Happy anniversary, Seobang..” said Jessica while touching Yuri’s photo gently.

Happy anniversary too, Sica baby” a husky and deep voice replied. Jessica looks up and saw Yuri is standing beside her.

Jessica quickly stand up and hug Yuri tightly. “Seobang-ah, I miss you” said Jessica while starting to sob.

Shh.. Don’t crying. I don’t want to see my sad princess. I miss you too, Sica baby” said Yuri while wiping Jessica tears gently.

Hey, I heard that you’ve made me my favourite meal? Didn’t you?” asked Yuri.

Jessica only nods her head to answering Yuri’s question. “Do you want to taste it?

Of course I want. Feed me~~” said Yuri aegyo.

Aigoo my Seobang is very cute~ here it is!” said Jessica while chuckling and feed her girlfriend.

It’s great! Sica baby, who teach you cooking?” asked Yuri curiously.

Taeyeon! I asked her to teach me how to cook, so I can make you some of your favourite food hehehe

I’m very proud of you, Baby” said Yuri while Jessica’s hair.

After finishing the meal, Jessica and Yuri sitting on the ground while looking to the sky.

Sica baby~” called Yuri to the brunette who was leaning her head on Yuri’s shoulder.


Can you promise something to me?” asked Yuri, making Jessica looks her face.


Promise me to get marry with other guy you loved

You’re the one I loved. How can I marry with other guy that I’m not loved?!

But you should to move on, Sica

Jessica turns to looks at the tanned-girl’s face. “Kwon Yuri, I don’t want to move on from you. You’re the one I loved. I’m not love with other guy, I only love you. You’re the one that I want to get marry with. Don’t force me to move on or to get marry with other guy I didn't loved” said Jessica while holding back the tears. “Did you not love me anymore?

Yuri quickly shook her head. “Of course not, Sica baby. I will always love you

Yuri leans a deep kiss on Jessica’s lips. Their kiss began passionately. A few minutes later, Jessica broke the kiss realized that she have to take a breath.

It’ll be my last kiss for you, Sica baby

Why?! You will leave me again?” Jessica start to sobbing.

Don’t crying, Sica baby. It makes me hurt.” Yuri wiping Jessica’s cheek gently. “They’re calling me. I can’t meet you again

But, you’ve promise me to not leaving me again, Yul!

I’m sorry. I broke the promise. But believe me that I will always in your heart, Sica. I’ll look up you from the up

Please don’t leaving me, Yul!!” shouted Jessica.

I’m sorry, Sica baby. I have to go now. I love you, Sica baby. Don’t broke your promise to get marry, okay? Good bye. Thanks for let me loved you” with that Yuri dissapeared, leaving Jessica who was crying.

S- Seobang-ah, I love you” Jessica is crying as a gentle wind blow across her beautiful face.




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