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    “Is it on?” A boy with silver hair asked, starring straight into the camera. He caught his reflection and started to fix his own hair, forgetting about his purpose.

    “N, move!” The only boy with black hair yelled. All six members of VIXX were in their practice room, crowded together in front of the camera. “We have to do this!” He impatiently stated. N spun around on his heel and gave an approving head nod to the impatient boy.

    “Here you go, hyung.” A flash of orange was seen as the boy walked between the two. The orange gave N a microphone and they both started to fix their hair and outfits. “Ken, move, this isn’t KENtv.” The boy shook his head, trying to push Ken out of the camera’s view.

    “But this is a important and it deserves to be on KENtv, Ravi!” Ken whined, pushing Ravi back. The group’s visual looked over at Ravi and made his way to him and rested his arms on his ‘creator’ to get ready for an announcement to be made on VIXXtv.

    “Hyung, just come over here.” The youngest sighed, pulling Ken over to him and patting his head to make him calm down. As usual, the chic member of VIXX just watched the scene with a straight face.

    As all the members calmed down, the cameraman started to countdown until only a single finger remained. He the camera and VIXX became all smiles towards the camera.

    “Beep~” Ravi started. Ken looked around and added in his own noise before Hyuk elbowed his hyung. N cleared his throat and waved towards the audience.

    “We decided to film this quick episode because we have an important announcement to make!” N started clapping and eventually everyone else started in. “Yes, yes! Through our promotions of On and On, our company-”

    “Jellyfish Entertainment!” Ken cut in, smiling and winking towards the camera. Leo grabbed Ken’s back and pulled him back. N rolled his eyes and looked back at the camera.

    “Our company has decided to film another MyDol!” N smiled and cheered. “But this time…” He looked at Ravi to finish the rest.

    “This time our company will be creating a girl group!” Ravi nodded “However, this time will be different from our MyDol as the girls are already chosen, but the viewers are still able to vote for their group name and everything else about them.”

    “Wow!” Hyuk noted, acting like this was all new to him.

    “As you all know, Jellyfish only has male artists, so we are excited to see how these girls will fare in our company and in the industry.” N nodded enthusiastically.

    “Please continue to support us and please show interest in our company’s new girl group!” Ravi added. All of VIXX nodded in excitement and cheered.

    “Good luck to all of the girls!” Ken cheered.

    “I hope we can appear on stage together.” Hyuk smiled and bowed.  Ravi turned to ‘turn on’ his artwork.

    “We will reveal the girls on VIXXtv, so please stay tuned!” Hongbin laughed, showing his dimple. Everyone looked to Leo who had been quiet the whole time. He looked down and looked back at the camera.

    “Good luck.” He muttered. Everyone cheered once more before they all waved at the camera, saying goodbye, leaving the audience curious.


✣Jellyfish Girl Group, MyDol 2

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Group Information:

Group name: N/A
Number of members: 6
Company: Jellyfish Entertainment
Fanclub: N/A
Fanclub color: N/A
Debut Date: April
Debut Song:Double Up


Poster and BG made at  ★ » STARSHINE POSTER SHOP


hello~ moonlightviolet here with my very first apply fic, I hope you will apply. I think it'll be interesting :D Anyways, please apply and tell me what you think :D Oh! You may call me "MG" because my name is quite long. But if you need help or have a question, you can PM me or co-author and we will try our best to help you! This story will be different as you (the audience) gets to vote for everything about these girls, well kinda. Their group name, colors, fanclub name, concept. Kinda like VIXX in their MyDol ^^ Anyways, I hope you will enjoy~

Hello Dearies! Fallin4YouSHINee right here, but I'll just refer to myself as YonYi here just like the rest of you can as well~ I'm the co-author to this story so I'll be here to help and just give you a smile, so just PM me and I will send you all of my love! I do hope you apply, and thank you for taking the time to view this apply fic! (◕‿◕✿)



i was going to update, but after the news of ladies code, the update has been pushed back. please keep the girls in your prayers.

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