|~| Fake Girlfriend |~|


It is about a man who had a girlfriend who was really cold heart. He broke up with her to not let the pain more longer since he tried to calm 2 years ago... To make her forget him, he had a fake girlfriend to make his ex girlfriend forget him, but it was not easy as he thought. In fact, he made more trouble because the fake girlfriend fell for him in real while his ex girlfriend still love you and never stop love him. What should he do? He considered he is a playboy and so bad, but still those girls love him.,,



This story... is about my life a bit... And I prevent a bit... I hope you read and think together... I am a bad man >< so bad... Really bad ._. I decided to reveal my feeling in the story... In fact, I still love Jiyeon...my love in RP.

thanks for your subscribe and comment :)

good luck to you


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UmaMee #1
Chapter 4: please update soon. i like u'r story. ^^
terb tae jenh ban ma plet alov job mong :'< chir jab man
mic kor stop write jeng oppa? :'< Tver barb jet nhom man </3
Chapter 4: loy nas Myungsoo + Daesung xD teat mor oppa xDDD
oppa up date xD
Oppa update please x'DDDD
Oppa update please x'D
Chapter 3: aiyooo xDDDDDDDDDD saranghae Oppaaaaaaaaaaa xDDDDDDDD


tuk tha ah name Bike nus read ot dach tov jos :33 xD

oy tae see Eunjung T-T
Chapter 2: -___________________________-
yeyeye ~ Update nae -.-^