Instant Character


Instant Character

Just add water, and maybe some common sense!

Hello, fellow readers and writers! You might be wondering what on earth this strange story's about. This isn't a story, but a tutorial for those devoted writers who have asked me countless times how they can improve their stories to gain a ton of subscribers.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea. If I knew the secret ingredient, I would have made a tutorial a long time ago, but I believe most rants and writing tutorials have already covered the basic gist of how to formulate a good story. If you haven't gone through the writing or tutorial tag already, there are tons of guides already written at your disposal. Read them, use them.

This guide isn't going to cover everything, just the part of stories that I personally like the most. Every story needs its aesthetic appeal, eye-catching title, interesting plot, yadda yadda yadda, but to me, the beating heart to a living, breathing story is character. The characters that play the parts have a greater impact on your story than you think. Who cares about a great plot if you don't have equally great characters to support it? Characters need dimension, personality, and a life to them that draws the reader to them, then to the story.

In this humble tutorial of mine, we're going to learn how to make an "instant character"; it's easier than you think and might help your future writing endeavors!

Note: This tutorial is not for individuals who are easily offended by anything I may say to provide constructive criticism to all budding writers. I admit I still have much more room for improvement, but I'm just spreading the knowledge I know and hope it's of use to inexperienced writers who need some tips from a fellow author.

In other words, don't read this if you don't want the advice.

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