Thank You [One-shot]


Sometimes, even the strongest of leaders needs someone to keep him from falling.


EunHae fics = WRITER'S BLOCK

This is me taking a break, LMAO.

HAPPY 2000 DAYS, SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

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Chapter 1: I will always be an ELF and wait for the day when all 15 are together <3
Chapter 1: this was... oh my god <3 i really hope super junior is forever, and the afterlife, and the next life, and i love them all <3
mrsqyuchoi #3
Chapter 1: Beautiful..and this happened when I read this one after Teuk enlisted... The feeling T__T
Chapter 1: I read this near Teuk's enlistment so I can feel the feelings <3
It must be hard for Teuk especially with the changes in SJ, especially Hangeng's exiting the group ><
I like this fic so much :3
Awwww~ this is so sweet! I've only recently started appreciating Leeteuk, since he steps back the most often to let other Suju members shine. He really seems like a great person though, and I'm sure he and Eunhyuk really have this sort of relationship, even though Hyukkie probably doesn't treat as often as he should. ;)
Leeteuk and Eunhyuk and the rest of Suju, past and present, I hope they are all taking care of themselves and making beautiful moments like this! :')
Teukie deserves all the love he gets from everyone.
I know he suffers n I know its hard on him, bt Im glad
d members love him. Im sure wat Hyukkie does here isnt
dat far off wat rlly happns irl :'3
Beautiful, Suju ftw <3

This breaks my heart.

You captured everything that Leeteuk surely feels in real life, and managed to condense it into a short story.

That's talent.
I really identified with Leeteuk, so when I read this I cried... and cried... then cried some more. Really, your style of writing is beautiful. It makes me feel as if I'm in the moment and I start to feel the emotions the characters do. You're definitely one of my favourite authors here. :)

Thanks for the great read and keep up the good writing.
[deactivated] #9
I love this story. I've been seeing how the group is starting to go through their rough spots and it's really sad. I can only wait for the day that all 13 members of Suju are performing on stage together once again.
Ahhh, I've really read this at the perfect time. I've been very depressed hearing all the rumors about the 2 year hiatus for Super Junior, all the people dissing KiBum, KangIn, and Han Geng, the sad, exhausted smiles Teukkie gives. It seems like his smiles hardly ever reach his eyes, nowadays. I wish for Super Junior to be complete. All 15 members happy and together forever.<br />
You really know how to pull at people's heartstrings, deh? Beautiful.<br />
(Not to mention the fluffy EunTeuk moments!!!!!)