P5 | Our Fated Meeting by Kim Yunaa

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reviewer: StarlightAegyo & eagle_tamer date released: 18/4/2013

 Reviewer : eagle_tamer 
Score : 33/50
Title; 3/5
It sounds very common, I think it should be at least unique. :3
Description&Foreword; 6/10
It seems fine, though using the foreword as the author's message? I think that should be done after the story sneak peak.
Characters; 3/5
Naming, the characters were pretty fine.
Grammar; 8/10
You shouldn't put spaces before and after the sentence if you're using a punctuation mark,
there were a lot of mistakes, but I'll be going easy on you.
Plot; 5/10
Everything seemed out of place, the thing is, your plot is too regular.
Flow; 3/5
Everything happened too fast, it's just too overused. The way your flow is, it's too overused.
Bonus(based on font,posters/background); 5/5
It's nice, I like the background, poster, and fonts. :)
R/N: I'm sorry if I'm being harsh, do forgive. :3
 Reviewer : StarlightAegyo 
Score : 40.5/50
Title: 4.5/5
I think that the title fitted well with the storyline. But, please change the Overall title to 'Our Unique meeting'
If that is what is said in the poster. Or else you'll confuse people.
Description&Foreword: 9/10
The description and foreword suited it well, So, I gave you a 9. I didn't give you the other point cause
I think it should be right that you put a disclaimer for the things that you put in your story.
Characters: 5/5
The characters fitted their role in the story. And nothing much to say about it. :))
Grammar: 7/10
I gave you a 7 cause you had a bit of mistakes using your tenses properly.
Plot: 8/10
Plot was great. But, I've read a lot of stories that are similar to this. And please do not feel bad that I said that
cause fanfics are just our escape from reality and I hope you'll understand.
Flow: 4/5
The flow of the story was nice. It did confuse me abit on how fast some of the parts are.
Bonus (based on font,posters/background) : 3/5
The poster and the backgroundfitted the story well. But I think in writing the fonts,
you should only italicize the words that depict speech of the character to make it clear.
 I hope you take in my advice and continue the sequel to your story. Everyone would love it~ :''))

Average score : 36.75 / 50
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Chapter 46: bye bye~ I love this shop so much /cries a Han river
Chapter 46: farewell TT^TT
(im kinda interested but idk xD)
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MindragonFan #5
Chapter 44: Holy sheit, the x-men trailer is amazing!! Teach me your ways, sensei. *bows to your awesomeness*
Chapter 3: When will you be open again?
Chapter 3: Is my dp that I requested last time included as one time that I requested?
Chapter 42: Reviewer 1: Well.. i meant that love isnt easy. especially if it was ur own dad. and to make it all for worse, he died. and ur pregnant when ur suppose to. sorry if i was not being expressive lol. ^^' Thank you. Haha thanks. I was wondering about that. XD Really? Its my third story.. so.. kinda nervous if i still make mistakes. :3 well.. i dont exactly love m-preg.. but yeah. lol Thanks you. :) Its ok. Thanks for the time. <3

Reviewer 2: I know. I'm sorry.. ;_; lol jk. I did the title first then the story. I guess it was a mistake lol. I dunno what to put.. T^T my wrong. i should've put kris as a slight appearance. Yeah. I'm from malaysia. But i'm always on top in my class when it comes to english though. ^^ And okie. Hmm.. ok. Thanks. I was thinking that. But dang, i use it to much. Thanks for the time~ <3
Chapter 39: Whoops~ i think you forgot something. can i ask for a redo?