Lost But Alive



Everyone knows it, right? How it feels to be lost in this world, how it feels to be alone and
the feeling that no one cares about you. The feeling of hating your life. Yes, everyone does. Those who
say they don’t know how it feels, well let's be clear: those people are lying. Because every single one of
us wants to have the feeling to be noticed, to be needed or to be loved. Everybody has been lost before,
that’s life. Like the bridge; it’s as if there’s no end and that’s why it’s scary. But people forget that a bridge
is built to connect two places with each other. So there’s always an end, just like life. And whether the bridge
is short or long, as long as we haven’t reached the other side yet, we can be lost. So, being lost isn’t that bad,
though it might be a bit scary. Being lost means you’re still alive.



One Shot featuring whoever you want.
SUZÉ, 2013


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