Tangerine Express



When Luhan first meets Yoona, even the thought of being with her is a distant dream.

Little does he know that soon, that distant dream will turn into a hasty marriage, running away to raise half a set of twins, and carting kids around the Tangerine Express in a new life.

A life without Yoona.



Dedicated to all the people who have ever been forgotten or left behind. 


Warning: Some mature themes, infrequent swearing, tragedy (?)

Word count: 100, 700 words

I'd appreciate it if my work wasn't copied onto any other sites, reuploaded, printed, or reproduced in any form without my permission.

Thanks for reading! 


First poster and first background credit goes to thederpchanyeol at:  ❥❥ Poster Paradise || Request Shop ❤  Second poster by Nikatsu at VersuteCurrent poster and background are mine. This story was reviewed at Mental Breakdown (멘붕) Review Request Shop ♚


My amazingly talented friend and reader, apocryphal, made a beautiful trailer for this story, which you can (must!) watch below:


Up-up-update coming up!

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mygenie #1
Cant let go of this, so sadly beautiful ;)
Chapter 16: I don't know if I should consider this story beautiful because it really broke my heart to pieces. </3 Very well written and well developed characters. I can't believe I read this on new year's. T^T This story deserves more. I'm glad I managed to read this masterpiece. I'm looking forward to reading your other works.
Chapter 16: i read this book and it seemed so familiar but that was only the first few chapters. To say this story didn't make me sad is understatement ma friends dad died a few days ago and she was heartbroken i kind of was rude about it and was putting ma life out there showing how sad i live saying that "oh my father died, my mom died, my grandma died, ma grandpa died," but i never really understood the real loss of a family I always put my life before others but reading this story wasn't like any other story like how @yeonniestan mentioned. It was sad and it reminded me of how many ppl out there lost others yet were still strong, i know this is really cheesy but it made me cry thanks you for giving me a break on all that lovey-dovey things
Salma530 #4
Chapter 16: This is my first time to read an-almost- 100% angst fanfiction..but still, this is a great story!! Keep writing Fanfic author-nim. Fighting!^^
yeonniestan94 #5
Chapter 16: man! I can't believe i skip class to finish reading this. it was such a nice change reading a real story instead of the cliched love-hate relationship we find on AFF (though i do love them!). it made me realise that love is manifold and diverse. and the way we see the hardships parents go through for a sick child, it was just....
thank you for giving us a beautiful and touching story, authornim!
may you grow and develop into the writer you are meant to be!
sasaqwe #6
Chapter 16: taemin :'(
christinax26 #7
This is the best Luyoon fanfics i've ever seen. I love the descriptive words, setting, and everything. I hope you write more luyoon! Loving it!
Sillysesame #8
Chapter 15: The best reading of my whole k-pop-fanfiction experience so far. You did absolutely awesome. Thank you for sharing such beautiful (albeit heartbreaking) story.
Chapter 16: Omg I am so invested in this story! I can't bear to let it go. It's one of the best written stories ever:') my nose is blocked now and my eyes are watering...:'( thanks for bringing me on this beautiful journey :') I'm glad.
bluexstar #10
Perfect! :)