Who is that Guy?!

I Think I'm in Love

Author's POV


"Jiyeon-Ah! It's already 7:40 Now! Hurry up! Geez=_= " said Suzy. 

She is Jiyeon's bestie. They've promised to always come together to school.


After 15 minutes passed, Jiyeon comes out from her house.

"Yak! What are you doing! We'll get scolded by Jang Songsaenim!"

"eoh.. that's..a..a.. stomachace!"

"aish.. kajja!"




"Aigoo Suzy-ah! We're late!"

"That's because of you-_-"

"kkk~ mianhae " Jiyeon mehrong.


-In Front of the Class-


"Jiyeon-ah! Eottokhae~? Jang Songsaenim already started his class.. Haish.."

Jiyeon sighed. She embolden herself. Then she open the door with smile

"a-annyeong ^^" said Jiyeon

"What are you two doing there! Park Jiyeon! Bae Suzy! Don't you know it's Already 8:15?! GET OUT!

Do Not attend my class until next week!"

"But.. Songsaenim.." Suzy hasn't finished her words yet but,,


"Haish.." Suzy and Jiyeon walk through their school corridor

"Wait.. Where did we go?" ask Suzy

"I dunno~ Hey Suzy-ah! Want to play 'catch me if you can'?"

"huh..? you challanged me? sure.."

Jiyeon was running very fast without looking to the road ahead.




"aigoo.. that's hurt.. eoh? FOOT?! WHO'S FOOT?!=_=" Jiyeon mumbled.



Suzy approaching Jiyeon

"This girl=_= Do You Have any Eye?!" said that Boy.

"MWOYA?! You're the one that not paying attention!" said Jiyeon.

Suzy nudged Jiyeon. "we'd better go" suzy whispered.

"Waeyo?! These boys needs a Lesson"

"Yak! Jiyeon-ah! You Don't know him? He is Kim Myungsoo!"

"eoh..? Who is Kim Myungsoo?"

"Geez=_= you really didn't know?! She is the most popular guy in this school!"

"I Don't know.. Really"

"This Girl is really outmoded" said that boy with a low voice.


"shut up.. "

"Aigoo! This Guy! I bet you! How about compete chemistry scores?"

"huh..? that seems interesting.."

"the one that lose must become a servant for 1 month"

"huh..? okay.." 

that boy named Myungsoo seems really relaxed.. 

He walked away..



Finnaly The First Chapter is Finished. I Hope you all like it T^T

I'm so Sorry For My Bad English 

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