The Promise I've Made



Hey guys, let me introduce myself!

I am El! And this is my first fanfic. Actually, I'm working on another fic but it’s not published yet because I stuck in the middle of the story. Haha.. so instead of that, I make this one. It will be two or three shots, I dunno. I make it short. hehe


Have you ever find someone that stole half of your heart away. And because of her saddenen eyes, her loneliness, solitude, scattered heart feelings that brought you to promise yourself you would bring her happiness back to her?

It happened to Amber when she saw Krystal for the first time. 


Please bear my poor English since English isn't my mother language. I try my best though. Comments + subscribe will be very appreciated.

Enjoy! :)


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Author's POV


Krystal vision's blurred. She fighting back her tears so it won't flowing down to her cheek again.


"It's your happiness that one really matter, okay. And now, my so-called-job is done."

"No no.. Amber no!" She yelp. "Amber, I..,"

"Being invincible is okay with me. Now, after a year you're dealing with yourself, your friends, your family.. You finally get your life back."


"Krys.. My time is up! I have to go. The bus is already here."

"I love you, Krystal."


And silence is the only answer that Amber gets.

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Chapter 3: I really love your writing styles Author sshii... It goes deep in my heart's... I can feel what's Amber's felt... Kryber destined together!!! :D
Chapter 3: this is great! and u're right! Amber such a lucky kid...
ruka90 #3
Chapter 3: so goood
thank you
keep writing your style is good.
Chapter 2: Greattttttttttt, keep updating
Jason17 #5
Chapter 2: *cries* Kryssie T~T why won't you notice Amber and give her a chance! Poor Ambro T~T
Chapter 1: it's great..please update soon.
Chapter 2: This story is utterly amazing! I love reading angst nowdays lol