God Save The Kyuline!


Max Changmin and Kim Hwanghee are secretly dating. Why do they have to date secretly? The answer is easy, because Changmin is a part of Dong Bang Shin Ki and only a noob who doesn't know about the great DBSK. The other reason why they have to do it secretly is because Hwanhee is just an ordinary college student who accidentally fell in love with that meanie magnae of DBSK. 

This year will be their 2nd anniversary and Changmin wants to impress his deary girlfriend by surprising her.

Sadly, he is DBSK and DBSK rarely get time to rest, but Changmin really needs to rest and he has an urge to make Hwanghee happy on their 2nd anniversary.

The Kyuline are on the rescue!! 






I won't post Foreword since this is just a oneshot :))

The story is up, so... happy reading! 

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anotherElji #1
Chapter 1: Hmmm.. Aah..
Hmmm.. I don't expect this kind of ending..
Chocomenta18 #2
This seems nice, I'll be waiting for you to update it ^^
Sounds interesting \0/ update soon~