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batch 5 / park hae jin

est. 17 Jan 2013


aff graphic shop


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09/11/15 - reached 500 subbies
27/11/15 - temporarily hiatus
19/06/16 - reached 600 subbies
30/05/17 - reached 200 upvotes


about us

moonhavens graphic shop was established on the 17th of January 2013 with only one designer - belle. this shop was previously known as "the Friday graphic shop" but was later changed due to some improvements and encouragement from the supporters. this shop was just a side project of belle's and hiring is not available here. moonhavens is a graphic shop to provide you great services and a great poster to go on with your stories. please enjoy your magical stay here.

normal form

VIP form


rules and regulations

oo1. subscribe, I will check. upvotes are optional but much loved.
oo2. never request here if you already had a poster or had requested from another shop.
oo3. please read through the forms and give me as many details as you can for your poster. do not give me only one genre.
oo4. I like letting my imagination run wild and free. please don't control and demand me or I'll feel pressure.
oo5. comment after you have submitted your form and after you have picked up your poster.
oo6. pm me or comment below if you plan to cancel your request or delete your story within 48 hours. 
oo7. no bashing or rushing me. I am human and I have a life too. be patient if you want a nice poster.
oo8. maximum of 5 cast is allowed on the poster. groups counted as three.
oo9. please be specific if you want an OC. name it down in the form of the ulzzang or idol's name as OC if you have one.
o1o. provide HQ (500px and above) pictures. if the pictures aren't suitable, I have the rights to replace them.
o11. no redoes unless it's a mistake that I had made.
o12. stories that marked "completed" or "m" as in or draft or yet posted or don't have one chapter will be declined.
o13. use my poster for at least two months. I don't do your poster for nothing.
o14. only one user can request once in a batch. be nice, give other users a chance to request.
o15. credit the shop with link direct back. please, I work hard for your poster.
o16. please save your poster to your PC immediately after picking up. I might revamp and delete all posters.
o17. karma points are only active for those who request for a VIP form. VIP are those who are to be served first.
o18. send payments to queensabelle only after you have received your poster.
o19. break any above two rules and you are blacklisted. blacklisters are forever banned from this shop.
o2o. the password is the day moonhavens established. not published.
o21. If your request is not in the pending list after 2 days, it means it had been rejected. feel free to pm me for reasons and request again if you want.


partners and affiliates




batch 4 / featured poster

owner-designer's personal liked and voters favourite poster of the previous batch.

story    | inside
author | midnightroses
theme   | dark angst, war, historical 


batch 4 

`follow this few steps by xxesmeeee before requesting!

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`moonhavens poster watermark

[MH] MOONHAVENS is now opening for request! Accepting another 4 more!
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