Dream High 2?


What if it was Taeyeon who played Pil Suk and not IU? What if Pil Suk was a shy, chubby girl with glasses and braces, whose parents were small town bakers? Read more to find out!


Yo yo yo!

So it's my first fanfic so please don't bash me.

And no, I am not an Anti-Milky Couple, Anti-IU or any Anti in any sort of way whatsoever. So please don't get mad at me for replacing IU for Taeyeon. I'm just a Wootae fan writing some Wootae fanfic.

So basically, the story here is Taeyeon is Pil Suk. She has big glasses and braces and she's a bit chubby. Her parents are bakers in a small town where she lives. She has an amazing voice and she dreams to enter Kirin Art School and have her very own nursery for children.

But Wooyoung's character here is still the same. He's still Jason, the gentleman that he is.

I based the events on the actual dream high episodes, but there are some changes. I hope you like it!!

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Update Soon please
xxcalm #2
WOOTAE <3<br />
Update soon! ^^
9pmluv #4
new reader's here and of course Wootae shipper... thanks for making another story and wootae as main character... it's look like my dream come true coz i wish that woodong will pair up with taeyeon in dream high series but Iu got selected... No offence here, i like Iu but Taeyeon more chemistry with woodong... anyway nice story and update soon. Wootae daebakkkkk
Update!!!!!! Wootae!!!!! <333333
Please write the actual story! I love dream high! But I still love the milky couple! It's ok though! I don't hate u for replacing IU C: