Yes or No 3, Me and You, Against the World



After the taping of Yes Or No 2, the crew wants to have Yes Or No 3, at Tina's birthday party, she invited everyone in her phonebook, and of them was Zee Matanawee Keenan, or simply as Zee, Zee is a lesbian, she looks like a boy and is a famous Thailand Singer. then at Tina's Party, she decided to have a surprise singing duet, and she chose Zee and Aom..... and the movie's director P'Nay was there to witness the duet, she was amazed by the chemistry of the two and wanted to have Zee in the movie.. now, let's read the about the new movie and what would and will happen to Pie and Kim, as well as their actresses, Aom and Tina. and what would Zee's role be?


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA!" Everyone was singing Happy Birthday, and when Tina blew the candle, everyone was clapping, then after that they ate their foods and then went in to dancing.

Tina came up in the stage and said "And tonight, I have a surprise to you guys!"

Everyone clapped and cheered.

then A girl came in the stage and she had a paper in her hand, and she gave it to Tina.

"I'll randomly choose people and you would sing the song that I would like you to sing!" Tina said, everyone then again clapped and waits for the singers.

"Well, let's see." Tina scanned the crowd, and she saw Aom smiling at her, she was sitting in one of the chairs along with her friends.

"Ah! This very good friend of mine! Let's give it up for Aom!" Tina said, everyone clapped and looked to Aom, Aom hid her head and went to the stage, furiously blushing.

When she was in the stage, she hit Tina in the shoulder and everyone laughed.

"So, who would be the other singer?" Tina scanned the crowd and saw Zee who was busy talking with her sister, Tina raised and eyebrow and she thought that Zee was flirting with her sister, She smiled

"ZEE!" Tina called her out, and everyone was staring at the corner of the bar, Zee smiled and went to the stage.

"FIrst of all, let's make this formal, Aom Sushar, meet Zee, Zee meet Aom Sushar, or Aom." Zee nodded and smiled at Aom.

Aom did the same and they shook hands with each other.

Tina gave them the microphones and said "You're going to sing one of the OST of Yes Or No." Zee nodded and said "Sorry, Tina but I haven't watch your movie yet." Zee said.

"I understand, here." Tina gave Zee a paper and it contained the lyrics of the song.

Zee accepted the paper and she glanced at Aom who was panicking.

"Are you okay?" Zee asked Aom, Aom nodded and said "Yeah. I'm just nervous....  I don't really like singing without any warning or like that."

"Don't worry, I'll try to sound like Tina." 

Tina got off the stage and said "Let's give it up for ZEE and Aom!"

Everyone clapped and the music started playing....

Zee sang first and everyone was quiet, followed by Aom and everyone was quiet again... and then after they finished singing everyone went wild.

And one of the crowd was P'Nay the director of the movie, she talked to the producer and said "Zee has something that can topple up with Aom, didn't you think?" 

The producer nodded and said "Yeah. they've got the same chemistry just like Aom and Tina, what do you think of another sequel?" 

P'Nay raised her glass to the producer and said "Let's do that!"


It was 1 in the morning and everyone was still partying, Aom's friends went first and Tina said that she'll Aom home, when Aom was really tired and wanted to go home, she went to Tina and said "Tina, I want to go home..."

Tina nodded and said "But I can't leave them."

"Hey Tina!" Someone called from behind, the two of them looked at that "someone" and it was ZEE, Zee came in to Tina and she looked like she was really sleepy, "I have to go home, it was really fun, and oh... Nice meeting you Aom." Zee said as she flashed a smile at Aom, Aom smiled back.

Tina got a bright idea and said "Can you Aom home, Zee?"

Zee tilted her head and Aom reacted "No, I mean.... Is it okay?"

Zee nodded and said "Sure, any friend of Tina is a friend of mine."

"Okay then, I'll check you out later, you should go to the fire exit, because the press is waiting at the front door so it would be risky and the press woul--" 

Zee cut Tina off and said "I understand, I don't want to be a burden too, especially to Aom who's busy with her series."

Aom nodded and the two of them went off, they slowly went to the fire exit, Zee opened the door and searched the are for any paparazzi, when the coast is clear she went out first, but Aom did not, she returned and see Aom standing, she was shivering.

Zee removed her coat and put it on Aom's back saying "You must be cold."

"Thanks." Aom said, they slowly went to the parking area, but a Paparazzi saw them and started taking pictures, Zee opened the passenger seat for Aom and Aom entered Zee's car quickly, and Zee sat on the driver's seat, and the paparazzis still took pictures of them

When they got out of the area, she escorted Aom to Aom's hotel, but the paparazzi are flooding at the entrance of the hotel, Aom was worried since she doesn't have any security with her.

Then her phone rang, she hesitated to answer because if she went out, the press will saw her, and if she answered it on the car, Zee will hear her.

Zee smiled to her and said "I'll park at the side, you can answer your call here, don't worry... I won't listen. I respect your privacy."

Aom nodded and answered the phone.

"Are you okay?" 

"TIna? Yes I am okay, we are in front of the hotel right now."

"Good, good night and Oh, P'Nay said that she'll be seeing us tomorrow." Tina said.

"Why? Another sequel? but I thought that the last would be the end." Aom said.

"That's what I thought too, but well, I guess we'll have to confirm it." Tina said.

"Okay then, see you tomorrow." Aom said, then the call had been ended, when Aom's conversation was ended, she saw that they were parked at the front of the hotel and ZEE was asleep

She must be tired.

Aom shook Zee and Zee woke up "Sorry about that, do you want me to you inside the hotel?"Zee asked.

"No, it's alright, I have a spare bed inside my room, do you want to sleep there? it's really late." Aom said.

"But what about the press, I mean.... I don't want you to be in controversy with me... considering who I am.." Zee said.

Aom shook her head in a "No" way and said "I'll call the security in the hotel, and I'll come first, then after some few minutes you'll follow, I meet you at the 7th floor."

ZEE nodded and rested her head on the window, Aom called the security and she was escorted..

She waited at the 7th floor but 13 minutes later, there was no sign of Zee, when she took a look outside, there were no Paparazzi, but Zee's car was still in front of the hotel, she wore a hoody to hide her face and got out of the hotel, she went to the car and saw Zee sleeping, she knocked on the window and Zee woke up, Aom raised an eyebrow and Zee got out, but then... the wind was strong and Aom's hoody got off of her head, and it revealed her head, then suddenly, the paparazzis came back and saw Zee and Aom together, Zee took Aom's hand and they ran back to the hotel.


"Sorry about that." Zee said as they reached Aom's room.

"No it's okay..." Aom said.

"What time is it?" Zee asked.

"2:15, let's sleep." Aom said, she sleep on the other bed, while ZEE was on the other bed.



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stafeniewan #1
Chapter 9:, where are u?? please continue your story!! tis story is really exciting, cant wait for the updates
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Chapter 9: hey, author, where are u? please continue tis story, u said u wouldn't abandoned tis story, so please continue the story...
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Chapter 9: Any update author??
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Chapter 9: Any update on this one, author? :)
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Chapter 9: Thank you for considering to finish the story since your motivation is now elsewhere. Good effort :)
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author because I can not copy it to put it in the tradutor
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Chapter 9: kryber bias detected :D thanks for the update
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Chapter 9: same too. lost interest in TiAom.
There is another couple which i am FC of them.
but i will still read the TiAom fanfics story.
Chapter 9: Please update very soon author! =)
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