Unforeseen Harmony




It has always been that voice. Melodious, angelic, perfect… addicting. It played with my ears, making me want for more. I want to hear more. But I don’t always get what I want.


It has been six months since I purchased a flat here in New Songdo. The large building contained numerous units, and I used mine as a studio. Furnished just like a studio, with soundproof walls. At the Far East corner of the room was a balcony, where it showcased a perfect view of the city.

I come here to write songs. Record them, keep them. Just like that. Music relaxes me, and this studio… is a sanctuary. But just then, not after a month I brought this, I discovered something. Something… beautiful and addicting.

The room just above me, opens its windows every night. A voice would start singing… and I’m lost. And after that same song that she sings every day, the window closes with a soft thud. It’s gone.

 And never did I meet the owner of that beautiful voice.

-          Xi Luhan




Kim Nara lives a life pleasing everybody around her. She lives as a model to others, the cameras her best friend. She’s elegant, reserved, everybody’s dream girl. She speaks occasional sarcasm to her close friends, though she has this side of her anyone will love— her caring attitude.

And there it goes, her past tied on her ankle. And her sanctuary, singing.


Xi Lu Han never really cared about how others thought of him. In fact, he needs not to. He’s the son of a known business tycoon, sweeping the Chinese and Korean markets in a blur. No one would dare talk bad against him. Adding up to that, he’s got that look— big doe eyes, soft nose line, small innocent lips and pinch-magnet cheeks. More to that, he’s the perfect son, graduating with awards and snatching billion dollar business deals.

And there it goes, his newfound hobby. And that is, listening to her sing.


Jung Daehyun's respect to his uncle cannot be measured by any magnitude. It's beyond infinity, he says. Thus, he grew up clinging on to what his uncle says, what his uncle asks. He's bound to help him in the future with their company, and now he's currently training. Attending events, learning the ropes. He's cheerful, friendly and smiling The perfect golden boy, indeed. The list goes on, including his pretty boy features.

And there goes his unexpected implulse, observing her.


The past has always been the hindrance to better opportunities. It has always been the reason for missing chances, having what we should have, because it keeps us from moving on. It’s always pictured out as something dark.

But what if lurking around our past eventually leads us to our present?

What if it actually leads us to something unforeseen? Something we call… love?



Hello! redforever here :>

And again, I'm writing an exo fic! oh my, these boys~

But now, I'm focusing on Exo-M, specifically Luhan~

And Daehyun from BAP.

But sorry guys, I don't think BAP will be here.

But I'll try to add them. Cameos, cameos~

and this will be semi-fluff :)


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anyway, hwaiting on this fic!!





This is already completed. It took me two freaking years, lol. I was lazy, and I took this shot knowing I would have a lot of difficulties. Writing about my bias is not easy, I tell you. Anyway, bye!




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