YunBoA: Friendship and Love

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This is a collection of YunBoA one-shot fics. I'll be constantly updating this page so make sure you'll be able to check this section often.There will be several different stories but there will be one constant element in here -- FLUFF. I hope that's enough to get you excited <3



eyes2blues here! Well, I've finally decided to upload several of my unpublished written works from my blog on here. There will be a whole bunch of YunBoA one-shots I hope people will get to read. The lack of YunBoA lovin' here on AFF forced me to finally unleash my hidden stories. LOL. Not that they are good but I just really want to contribute to this fandom. HAHA!

Well, with that being said, please clik the next button and read the first story :3


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Chapter 15: Rereading because it's real interesting~~ very hilarious end. Kekeke!!
Chapter 15: Laughing so hard! Those fans XD
Chapter 15: haha rereading this again makes me so giddy and happy<333333333
Chapter 15: OMQ. I remember reading this from tumblr xD
Had me cracking up again like it was the first read!
Noelle #5
Chapter 13: wow so sweet!!!!!!!!
Chapter 14: wait i don't remember reading this in WP but wow you broke my heart, lexie, what did i ever do to you to deserve th--ok nvm i'm such a hypocrite AHAHAHAHHA

BUT OMGOSH poor boa :((((((( and ugh yunho has got to stop being so-so-so DENSE and SELFISH and OTL i honestly think yunboa will always just be friends because of reasons like this /sighs
Chapter 14: Ah this was posted on wp before was it? Hehe
Frozenxiumin #8
Nice story^^
Chapter 13: Wahhhhh the fluff~~~ But AWW BOA WAS SO CUTE IN THERE!! Yunboa ftw c:
BluebutterflyKPop #10
Chapter 12: Daebak =D I love YUNBOA, I love you <3
Thank you ;-)