The Devil Can't Have Everything.

Loving In Another Shoe


Hold it.

I’m shaking terribly. This can’t be true.


It’s not possible.

She’s dead?

I have to go there now! My father said the family is going to do the funeral early in the morning, just for close families and friends. They don’t want to delay it. Good thing her family is living not far from here. The funeral venue is also not that far.

I have to be there.

I had a long talk with my father after picking up back the phone that I dropped. After bidding him a goodbye, I hang up.


It’s already 6? I haven’t even brush my teeth yet. I wonder if it’s okay if I don’t brush it?

Smack. Smack.

Hygiene, Ha Young. Hygiene. Geez. Seems like Hyukjae had a lot of impact of his non-hygienic habits on me. Urgh.

I grab a towel, run to the bathroom, wash my face and brush my teeth.

I think I’m able to make an entry in the Guinness Books of Records for cleaning myself up in the fastest time.

Smack. No time for some imaginary record Ha Young.

Then I pace as fast as I can towards Hae Rin’s room. I have to inform her too.

-해 린.HAE RIN-

“Hae Rin, Hae Rin ah. Wake up please. I need to tell you something.” Is that, mom?

Since when is she back from Europe? Unless they have an airplane that could fly from Europe to Korea in just a matter of minutes, then I would probably believe my mom is back.

Leave it. Probably just a voice in my dream.

“Hae Rin ah. Please wake up! Hae Rin ah. Ireonara!” The voice sounds more urgent.

Wait, isn’t that…


Who the hell pulled my blanket?!

I’m immediately awake from my sweet sleep, due to the coldness that my body felt because someone is so smart to pull away the blanket of a sleeping beauty.

“What the…”

“I’m sorry, Hae Rin ah! But I just need to wake you up!” Oh, it’s Ha Young. Wait. What time is it now? Did she just get back? When did I fall asleep on the bed?


Too many questions upon waking up abruptly isn’t good for your mental condition.

“Hae Rin ah. I have an emergency. I need to go now.” Ha Young explained with some pain in her voice.

Even if my vision is still a bit blur because of drowsiness, the worried and despair look on her face is evident.

“Ha Young, what’s wrong? What emergency? In this hour? At…let me see, 6 o’clock?” I asked her, being perplexed of what the emergency could be at so early in the morning.

“Mian, Hae Rin ah. Someone who was significant to me just passed away. I need to go to the funeral now. I have to! I have to be there. I just… have to.” Ha Young said with her sad tone.

She looks like tears can fall down her cheeks anytime now.

But she’s supposed to go to the Super Junior’s dorm today at morning, since their schedules are a bit late, if I’m not mistaken.


Does this mean, I can be myself again?

The person Ha Young talked about seems like a very, very important person to her. And the devastated look of hers is breaking my heart too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this sad.

I guess it’ll be okay for her to go then. Why not? She has to see that important person of hers for the last time.

“Ha Young ah, why are you asking me? Just go. It’s your last chance to see that person. Have the whole day to yourself. Besides, I can go to the guys’ dorm today. No problem. I miss them too. Just go to the funeral, and be safe. And I’ll just be myself again for today. Call me if you need anything.” I said to her.

Don’t get me wrong here.

I feel very sad for Ha Young. I really do. If you see the look on her face, you would be willing to do anything for her. She really needs to attend the funeral.

And probably this is how I’ll get to meet the fish, even just for a day.

“Really, Hae Rin ah? I’m really, really sorry.” Ha Young said.

“Ha Young ah. Just go now. You’ll be late. And besides, you know how I miss the guys. So, I don’t mind going to the dorm. Come on, you better get going now.” I explained to Ha Young.

“Kamsahae, Hae Rin ah. I’ll be going now. And I’ll be back as fast as I can.” Ha Young said as she makes her way out of my room.


I didn’t expect to get my wish to see the fish like this. I didn’t expect that one of Ha Young’s treasured person will be dead, just so I can see the guys again.

Well, it’s all god’s work. Something I can’t interfere with.

I think I better follow the saying, ‘be careful of what you wish for’. I get it now.

Ha Young ah, be strong.

-하 영.HA YOUNG-

I feel bad for waking up Hae Rin like that. But I can’t help it. I need to get to the funeral fast.


I think he has to know too.


“Yoboseyyo. Changmin ah!”

“Oh, it’s you Ha Young ah.” He greeted.

“Erm. Changmin ah. I don’t know if you know about this, but…”

“I already got the news, Youngie. They called from the foster home. I’m making my way out of the house.” Changmin said.

Oh. So he already knows about it. And he’s already on his way.

“Changmin ah. I don’t believe it. She’s still so young. How can she be dead?” I said. I hold back every tears that starts to form on my eyes. I’m not letting anyone hear me cry.

“Don’t say it like that, Youngie. We can’t turn back time. I’ll see you there, okay? I’m already in the car. Bye.” Changmin ended the conversation.

I’m sure Changmin is just as sad. He can’t bear to talk to me longer about her, that’s why he ended the conversation so fast. He’s trying to control his emotions.

Urgh. I have to go now.

Oh, right. I have to tell Junho.

No time for messaging. I’ll just call him.


Come on, come on. Pick up the phone, you psycho.

“Yoboseyyo, Ha Young sshi.” Junho’s voice can be heard on the other line.

“Psycho, where are you?”

“I’m already at the front of the house. Don’t you remember? My duty starts early in the morning?” Junho answered.

“Great then.” I hang up and run towards the front door.

I can see Junho already standing at the front gate. He is early.

I put on my shoes and grab the car key of Hae Rin’s old car, since she’ll probably use the red car to go to Super Junior’s dorm later.

Junho turns to me when he hears my footsteps approaching him. You can say he looks shocked too.

“Wait! Isn’t this too early to go to the dorm?” Junho asked.

“We’re not going there today. I have an emergency. We’re going to a funeral near this area. Hae Rin is going to be the one who’s going to the dorm. Just for today. Come on. We have to hurry.” I said while pulling his hand.

But he’s not moving an inch. Forget an inch. He’s not even moving a centimetre.

I look up to his face.

“Yah, psycho! I really, really have to go NOW! I don’t have time joking around with you. Let’s GO.” I shouted at him.

“I’m really sorry, Ha Young.” He apologized.

Apologize? What in the world…

“What the hell?! Why are you apologizing? I don’t have time for this. And I mean it. So, get moving!” I said to him.

His face looks apologetic. What is the problem now? Don’t tell me his pet committed suicide or something.

“I’m sorry. We…err, we just got an information. The killer is said to be seen lurking around Super Junior’s dorm building but the other agents are still unable to apprehend him.” Junho explained.

Damn it.

“We can’t let the real Hae Rin sshi go there. But if ‘Hae Rin’ isn’t there, because you’re going to the funeral, then the killer is going to find it weird. And not to mention the Super Junior guys too.” Junho continued.

If you’re wondering, yes, I’m cursing, a lot right now. I’m just doing it mentally, because if I put it out in words, it’ll be too gruesome to read. Trust me.

Damn it. Damn it.

Why is this happening now? I need to go to the funeral. I have to!

You know what? Why don’t I just kill the killer? And all of us will have nothing to worry about anymore. Except for the fact that I’m going to go behind bars, everyone will be happy with the killer gone from this world.

I can feel my whole mind being controlled with wrath.

“Why the hell the agents aren’t able to catch him yet?!! I thought you guys are trained well?!! And it’s okay for me to be at the dorm where the killer is, right, instead of the real Hae Rin?!! Since my life isn’t as valuable?!! Huh?!!” I shouted at him in anger.

Okay. I didn’t mean those words. I really didn’t mean it. It’s just that, I’m so frustrated that this is all happening. So filled with anger. I really don’t mind replacing Hae Rin. She’s an important person, unlike me. I know that.

Junho is just an unfortunate victim of my wrath.

I seriously didn’t mean what I said. You know how anger makes someone blurt out the wrong words.

Junho looks a bit pained by my words.

“Ergh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I’m just…urgh. Just ignore what I said. I’m not myself.” I apologized while bowing to Junho. This time, I admit it’s my fault.

There’s silence for a moment.

“I know. You’re just angry. And I’m sorry that I can’t do anything about it.” Junho said.

I’m deeply frustrated now. I can’t go to the funeral because of the damn killer. I, …I really want to be there.

“Hey, psycho. Can Hae Rin go to the funeral then? You’ll follow her. Just so that the family of my friend will know that at least their daughter has a friend who treasures her a lot, still remembers her, and still attends to her funeral to give her the last respect. Even if I can’t be there, can’t we just let Hae Rin replace me?” I pleaded to Junho.

I want the family of the deceased know that even if she’s dead, I’ll always remember her. I will always.

“I…I can’t leave you to go alone to the dorm then.” Junho said.

“Please, Junho. I’m sure there are a lot of agents looking after my back at the dorm area. But I trust you to go with Hae Rin to the funeral. And Changmin is going to be there too. That friend of mine, is also Changmin’s friend. I’m sure Changmin needs a guy friend for him there.” I pleaded again.

“Well, I think we can do that. But you have to be very careful at the dorm later.” Junho finally agrees.

“Thanks, psycho. I’ll go get Hae Rin now. I’ll give you the address later.” I said while making my way weakly back into the house.

I can barely lift my feet to walk. I feel so weak.

Just the thought of not being able to see her for the last time makes my whole heart shatter into pieces.

And I know how Hae Rin wants badly to meet the guys. But it’ll be too dangerous for her now, what with the killer lurking around there. And she’s really too nice. I’m really taking advantage of her kindness by asking her to go to the funeral.

You’re a bad person, Ha Young.

I know. But I really need her to go to the funeral.

As I reach Hae Rin’s room, I take a deep breath and try to control my tears from forming.

Hae Rin is just on her way to the bathroom when I enter her room. She looks shocked to see me again.

“Huh? Ha Young? Why aren’t you at the funeral? Did something happen? Are you okay?” Hae Rin asked with a worried look.

“Erm, Hae Rin ah. I’m really sorry that I’m troubling you again. But I need your help. I’m really sorry, Hae Rin ah.” I said to her.

“What’s wrong, Ha Young ah? You look a bit pale. Don’t worry. You never trouble me. What do you need me to do?” Hae Rin asked again.

“I know this is a bit of a burden, and I know how you must feel, but I really need your help. I’m sorry again, Hae Rin ah.” I still hesitate on asking her to do the favour.

“Stop apologizing Ha Young ah. I’ll do anything to help you. You’re always risking your life for me, why wouldn’t I help you? Just tell me what it is, and I promise I’ll do it. Trust me.” Hae Rin said.

“Err…Thank you so much Hae Rin ah. The problem here…” I continued on giving her details about the situation now.

I use my Herculean effort to control my sadness when I’m explaining to her. I just hope she would understand me.

God, help me.

-동 해.DONG HAE-

La la la la la la la la.

I’m already excited that we’re just a few blocks away from Hae Rin’s house.


It’s been a long time since I went to her house. Weeeee.

Just the thought of her waking up with me waking her using the weapons that I brought is making me feel all giddy inside.

Okay, okay.

What if she’s been acting weird? She’s still my friend, right? And friends will help to wake each other up, right? Just like how I did with Hyukkie.

What a smart fish you are, Donghae!

“Yah Donghae. What the hell are these things at the back seat? And isn’t this the route to… Hae Rin’s house?!” Hyukjae suddenly asked.


Did he figure it out already?

“Yah Hae! You better tell me where we’re going.” Hyuk threatened me.

“Err, err, well, look! We’re here!” We stop in front of Hae Rin’s house. Her car is still in the porch.

Wow, I forgot how big her house is.

“What are we doing here? I thought we’re going to spend some time together. Are you cheating on me with Hae Rin? Because I’ll so break up with you!” Hyuk said.

“Oww, don’t be like that Hyukkie ah! You know I won’t cheat on you! Even if we’re busy with our own things. Our love is solid.” I said.

Okay, okay. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m perfectly straight. And so is Hyuk. The other members can guarantee that.

It’s just us being our dorky self since we haven’t been hanging out much.

“We are going to spend time together! Look, it’s only almost 7. I bet Hae Rin hasn’t wake up yet. How about we make good use of what Eeteuk hyung and Kangin hyung taught us?” I explained to Hyuk.

He still looks a bit angry. He probably thought we’re going to an arcade or something.

“You mean, what Eeteuk hyung and Kangin hyung taught us on how to wake people up?” Hyuk asked.

Why does he still sounds annoyed? Come on, Hyukkie. This is spending time together too!

“We’re going to wake Hae Rin up?! That’s, that’s, that’s….” Hyuk looks like he’s going to start shredding his clothes and turn into the hulk now.

“I LOVE YOU HAE!!!” Hyuk screamed in the car.

Wait. He’s turning into the hulk who loves a fish now? Aww, even the hulk loves a fish! Of course, who doesn’t?


“Of course you love me! You’re my eternal love, don’t you remember?!” Woohoo! Seems like he’s not angry. In fact, it seems like he likes the plan!

“I didn’t think your fish brain can work! Well, well, what do you know? I’ve always wanted to test the method that omma and appa taught us! Especially on appa himself! But then, I’ll be fried anchovy when appa wakes up.” Hyuk looks very, very excited.

I bet he wanted to test the methods of waking up a person on Kangin hyung, the appa for already a long time. And now, he can use the methods to wake Hae Rin up. He looks like a child, checking out the weapons that I brought. Pheesh, what a childish anchovy.

And of course, I join in the excitement too. I explain to Hyuk about the use of each weapons, how are we going to carry out the process. Well, what can you say? I’m a childish fish too!

-규 현.KYU HYUN-






More trees.

More buildings.

Traffic lights.


Huh! I think I just got a heart attack!

This kid, crossing the road when a hot driver is driving in his car while looking at the scenery. Does he really want to die in an accident? Well, if he really wants to feel what’s it is like to be involved in a car accident, he could just come and ask me, instead of being hit with a car drove by me. Aisy. Kids these days. Why are they taking the world in a harder perspective?

The kid gives me a dirty sign using his left hand, to express his anger as he is crossing the road in front of the car.

What the…?

I let him live by pressing the brake fast so that I don’t hit him, and he gives me the finger?! Does that mean he really wants me to hit him with the car then? Doesn’t he know who I am? Cho Kyu Hyun? The hot-y singer? The perfect living guy on Earth?

Oh, right. I’m wearing dark shades and a cap with a scarf covering the lower part of my mouth. Huh. It’s like our team’s standard items to cover ourselves.

Okay, since I’m a perfectly well-mannered person, I’m just going to let him go and smile at him. The kid rolls his eyes and continues to cross to the other side of the street.

Then something catches my eyes.

Something red.

I look up a bit to have a better view.

The traffic light is red. And the timer at it’s side shows that it has been red for a long time now, I guess since the kid started to cross the road.

Oh, I get it now.

Well, the kid didn’t have to be that angry at me. It’s not my fault I’m enjoying the scenery outside that I didn’t realize the traffic light is red! Blame the scenery then.

After the red light disappears and the green light shows up, I step on the gas.

Ahh. The view early in the morning is just calming, with not many people on the streets.

BRAKE. Again.

Well, this time it’s not a kid who tries to kill himself in front of my car.

It’s just that a park that suddenly caught my attention. I’ve been to this road a few times, but never had a chance to go to this park.

I don’t remember the park being so beautiful when there are so many people at the park. But since there’s practically no people other than a few cleaner workers, I guess I can take a walk here.

I park my car at one of the parking spots. Pheww. Good thing there’s no other cars here, so I can park easily. Or else, if there are many cars here, I think I would have to ask one of the cleaner workers to give directions for me to park the car, so that I don’t hit the other cars.

Inhale. Exhale.

Ahh. It’s been awhile since I get to have some fresh air in the morning, outside the dorm.

Walk. Walk.

Rest on the bench.

Wow, beautiful flowers. Maybe that’s why many people go to this park. It can be called a garden! There’s only a few slides and swings, and the rest of the park is covered with lush grasses and beautiful flowers.


Me, the perfect Kyu knows how to appreciate nature.

Then, something disrupts the beautiful view in the park. Across the park, there are people gathering. They are wearing dark-coloured attires. Well, to say the truth, there aren’t that many people, but that group of sad looking people really pulls some attention. I mean, what are they doing so early in the morning?

I try to look at the name of the place at where those people are gathering.

Oh. It’s a small church.

Hold it.

People wearing dark-coloured clothes?

Gathering, looking sad?

At a church? Well, a small church?

Only one word appears in my mind. Funeral.

A funeral so early in the morning?

A car then is suddenly parked in front of the church, and the driver with a passenger comes out in a hurry.

The driver is a guy, but the passenger…a very familiar girl.

Isn’t that…HAE RIN?!

What is she doing here? Who’s the guy she’s with? Maybe it’s her driver or something.

Hold it.

Hae Rin is walking into the small church. Hurriedly. Is someone she’s associated to passed away?

But, who?

I don’t know much about Hae Rin or her family members or her other friends. I just know she hangs out with us most of the time.

I don’t know why I’m feeling curious now.

Is it a mistake to be out here in the first place?

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