Such Thing As An Innocent, Embarassed Devil.

Loving In Another Shoe

-하 영.HA YOUNG-


I’ll let you guys guess what sound that sound is. Come on guys. Try guessing.


That’s another sound that can be heard.

Here’s another clue that comes out from my mouth.


Can you guess it now?

Okay, enough brain teasing for today.

“Uhlkk!” That’s the sound made by Junho. He’s suffering from the food choked in his throat after hearing what I just told him before.

“Purfhhh!” That’s from Changmin. The drink that he just sipped jumps out of his mouth and find its way on my face after he heard what I just told him.

“Yuks!” And of course, that’s obviously the reply anyone would give when their face is covered with a drink combined with some saliva. Why does it seem deja-vu all over again?

Let us have some flashbacks, shall we?

First, Hankyung sprayed his shaving cream on my face during their grand ceremony of ‘Tying Hae Rin in a Blanket’ as they try getting me back for torturing their hungry stomachs. Second, I spat porridge on Kyuhyun’s face accidentally when both of us were sick at Super Junior’s dorm and he threw some porridge back at my face. Third, the crazy girl Eun Mi splashed water on my face when I’m being Kyuhyun’s fake girlfriend at the restaurant. And now, Changmin is spitting his drink on my face?!

Seriously, I wonder if there’s a note on my forehead that says ‘Please throw shaving cream, porridge, water and drinks on my face’ ever since I meet the Super Junior guys.

I have to go check the mirror after this.

“You kissed him?!” Changmin said in shock, while wiping his mouth.

“You kissed that evil, diabolical human being?!” Changmin added. Hah. That’s very calming to hear someone else thinks Kyuhyun is evil.

“Urkk. You can’t be serious?!” Junho said after succeeding to push the choked food down his throat with some water.

Junho then hands me a piece of tissue.

“Technically, he kissed me, okay? And eww, Changmin, your spit is all over my face.” I said while wiping my face with the tissue. Good thing it’s only plain water, or else my face is going to be all sticky. And good thing too that Changmin is my friend, or else he’ll be wiping his mouth in grave now.

“Yah. I bet girls are willing to die to have my spit on their face. Consider yourself lucky, Ha Young ah.” Changmin said and smirks.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, kid.” Well, even if he’s in the same age as me, I like calling him kid. Because he acts like one, obviously.

Well, I guess you guys already understand the situation now, don’t you?

I’ve been talking to Changmin and unfortunately, to Junho too. Junho just happened to be swallowing some food down his throat when I told them about the kissing part with Kyuhyun. As for Changmin, he also had a terrible timing to drink as I told him about that.

And the result : The psycho almost went to heaven because he choked on his food, while the kid sprayed his drink on my face.

“So, what happens next? Did the crazy girl finally believe you?” Junho asked anxiously.

Geez. These guys also love to talk about stuff like this?

Changmin also turns his attention back towards me after he wiped his mouth.

“Yup. And she even thought that I seduced Kyuhyun. Urgh. Who in their right minds would seduce him? As if that’s not enough, she poured water on me when Kyuhyun went to the restroom. Huh.” I continued the story.

Huh. I really feel less burdened when I can talk to someone about it.

“Wait. Is that your first kiss? I mean, I don’t remember any boys at the foster home who kissed you! And you were so picky on your type of boys.” Changmin suddenly shot a question to me.

“Your first kiss? What are you? Living in the 13th century or what?” Junho teased.

Aisy. This is embarrassing, now that I think about it.

“You had your first kiss with Kyuhyun?! I swear to you his mouth is just as poisonous, what with all the words coming out of it. Only I can fight back his words. But you, kissing that mouth? For your first kiss?! Urgh. I’m surprised your mouth isn’t damaged because of the poison yet.” Changmin ranted, babbling on and on about Kyuhyun. Seems like he knows him quite well. I’ve got to learn from Changmin on how to fight Kyuhyun’s words. Hehe.

Well, back to problem.

“Whatever guys. Fine. I’m going to trust you guys. And I can’t believe I’m going to ask this to you guys.” I paused and take a deep breath before asking them a question.

Changmin and Junho wait for my question.

I think deeply on how I should deliver the question.

Come on, brain. Work hard.


Okay, here goes.

“How’s a kiss supposed to feel like?” I asked and quickly look down. I’m sure only god would know how embarrassed I am now! I should go buy a gun and shoot myself after this. I think I can call myself stupid now for asking that question to these idiots.

Well, I have to know! So I just got to ask!

I don’t dare to look at their faces. Nothing comes out of their mouth.

It’s very quiet for a while.


I’m still looking down, waiting for their answer.

Is the question too weird? Do they think I’m weird?

Have they left the stall or what?

A few more seconds of silence.

And finally…


There’s no human who can’t figure out from whom those laughs come from.

I look up to face the idiots.

Junho and Changmin laugh as hard as they can, while rolling on the floor and holding their stomach.

“Ahh, I can’t..AHAHAHA…stop..AHAHAHA..laughing. My stomach..AHAHAHA..hurts, but..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Changmin tries to squeeze words between his long, loud laughs.

Damn you, kid.

“I can’t breathe. BWAHAHAHAHA! You..BWAHAHAHAHA..Don’t..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA..Know? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Looks like Junho is also trying to squeeze words between his maniac laughs.

Damn you too, psycho.

Great. Some of the elders at the stall are even watching us.

You can say I regret asking them that question. Big time.

I finish my drink and pick up my bag.

“Good luck having some air to breathe, guys! I’ll see you guys at your funeral. I’m out.” I said while making my way out of the stall.

“Okay, okay! Ha Young ah! We’re sorry! Don’t go yet. Tell us about it in details! Ha Young ah!” Changmin said while trying to catch his breath after laughing.

Junho suddenly grabs my wrist and pulls me back to the table.

“Okay, okay. We’re sorry. We promise we won’t laugh again!” Junho said after I take my seat back.

“Forget it. I must be out of my mind to talk about this to you idiots.” I replied to them.

“Aww, don’t be like that. You’re my friend, Ha Young ah! Let’s help you with your problems then.” Changmin said after he has fully recovered from his unstoppable laughs.

“Yeah. Besides, who else do you have to talk to?” Junho added.

Well, he has a point there. Fine. I guess I’ll just have to rely on these idiots to hear my problems then.

“Whatever. So, are you guys going to answer my question earlier or what?” I said while keeping a straight face. But inside, you can bet that I’m eager to know about the kiss.

Changmin and Junho almost laugh again but they restrain themselves after seeing my straight face.

“Okay. How about what you feel when you’re kissing him?” Junho asked.

Without thinking, my mouth gave the answer immediately.

“Well, it kind of feels good.” Stupid mouth. I’ll go cut my tongue with a sword after this.

“Ahah! There you go!” Changmin screamed.

What is he screaming about anyway?

“Well, Ha Young. That’s all it takes for you to know. If you feel good during the kiss, then, that’s what a kiss is supposed to feel like. Oww, my innocent friend, Youngie.” Changmin said while pinching my cheeks.

I almost forget about the nickname Changmin used to call me before. Youngie. Suddenly I feel like being in my childhood again. Did I say I’m thankful to have Changmin as my friend already?

“Wow, kid. You sound like an expert there. How many girl have you kissed anyway? Let me guess. A hundred? Excluding your fans?” I shot a question to Changmin.

Well, no one can deny it. He is good looking. I’m just wondering how’s his love life is going on.

Changmin gives me his childish smile and stuff some food into his mouth. After he swallows it, he opens his mouth to answer my question.

“Ehehe. Well, you see, I’m kind of waiting for the right girl, you know?” Changmin said and puts another piece of food in his mouth. This guy eats like a bear. This is already his fourth serving.

“Yeah, right. You think I didn’t do my homework on you, kid? I think Donghae said even the other members in your group agree that you’re a Casanova! And here you are, saying innocently, that you’re waiting for the right girl. I know you kid.” I replied to him.

Changmin then grins widely from ear to ear, with some food still in his mouth.

“Ahahahaha. Well, I said I’m waiting for the right girl, Youngie. I didn’t say I’m not enjoying my life with the other girls that exist in my journey of finding the right girl. Hehehe.” Changmin said.

“Eww. Too much details for me to know, kid! Yuks.” I said to him. Okay. I guess he is a Casanova then. Well, I really don’t care, as long as he doesn’t behave like one when he’s with me. Then, I’m totally fine with it.

“Well, did your kiss with the other girls feels good?” I asked.

I know, I know. I sound so stupid here. But hey, what can I do? I’m just an innocent girl who got her first kiss with an empty head during an act.

“Oww. You’re so cute Youngie. Well, that’s just a secret between me and myself. Haha.” Changmin answered me.

“Wait! Do you like that guy now?” Junho then slips in to ask.

Okay. On this matter, I need to think for a while.

I didn’t get to think of an answer when Changmin suddenly interrupts.

“Don’t tell me you like Kyu already, Youngie?” Changmin asked with curiosity in his face.

Well, I don’t think I like him already. It’s just a fake kiss. Besides, all I feel after that is just awkwardness. Nothing else. So, I don’t think you can say I like him already, right?

“Changmin ah. You seem like you know Kyuhyun well. What’s your say in this?” I avoided his question with a question of mine.

“Ow, Youngie ah. He’s not a ‘Casanova’ or whatever it is the other guys call me. His mouth however, urgh, the pain of the words that come out of his mouth, urgh, unimaginable.” Changmin said.

"Wow. Sounds like that Kyuhyun guys is really something. I bet he can kill someone with his words then." Junho said, sounding a bit impressed to hear about Kyuhyun.

“I totally agree with you on Kyuhyun’s words, Changmin ah. Definitely deadly.” I said.

“Who wouldn’t agree with me? Okay, back to him. I know he’s waiting for the ‘right’ girl, just like me. The only difference is, he doesn’t play with the other girls along his journey.” Changmin continued.

Well, that’s supposed to be a virtuous side of Kyuhyun, right?

“But as for you, Youngie ah, I don’t think you should have your hopes up. Don’t hate me yet, okay? You said he’s just acting during the kiss. So, he won’t have a feeling towards you. He's just going to wait for the girl of his dreams or wome sort. I don’t want you to be heartbroken and all, okay, Youngie ah?” Changmin continued.

Wow. His words are really deep. I guess sometimes he does have a matured thinking.

Well, his words sting me a lot and trust me, I don’t even know why. But I’ve made up my mind.

I put on a smile on my face and reply to his words.

“Haha. You’ve got to be kidding me, Changmin ah! Who the hell falls in love with an empty head like him just because of a fake kiss? And, eww. You sounded like a love therapist. Seriously! How many times have you been in and out of love anyway? It sent shivers down my spine.” I said while happily throwing a piece of food to his face.

My tongue feels kind of awkward saying that.

“Yah! You looked so serious before! I thought you really like that evil Kyuhyun. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. So, you don’t like him, then?” Changmin asked while removing the piece of food from his face.

“I like torturing and fighting his words back. Not him.” I said confidently.

“Woohoo! My new partner in crime! We’re so going to train hard after this to fight that Kyuhyun.” Changmin shouted while giving me a high-five.

I high-five him back.

So, I don’t like Kyuhyun?

Of course!

Now that I’ve talked this out with Changmin and Junho, I feel a lot better.


But why did I feel weird when I said I don’t like him? Stupid me.

Probably all the ramen messed up my thinking.


-해 린.HAE RIN-

Crazy? Probably.

Out of my mind? Could be.

Missing him too much? Definitely!

Okay, I admit it now. It’s been like..urgh..uncountable months since I’m able to see the fish. I guess I’m the only one feeling that way.

Ha Young has been doing a great job in being me, Donghae probably won’t even notice anything.

Oh, yeah. Ha Young hasn’t been calling me or informing me anything about her ‘date’ with Kyuhyun. I guess everything went okay then. Well, why wouldn’t it be? Kyuhyun and I are never related to each other in any terms. So I doubt there’d be anything unusual happening between them.

I look at my phone again, reading through the messages from the fish that I saved. I’m doing this practically everyday now. I know, I know. I’m stupid for missing a stinky fish.

If only I could meet him for a while.

Or how about calling him? But I have to know what Ha Young is doing now, or it’ll be weird if Ha Young is with him now and suddenly Donghae receives a call from another Hae Rin.

Or better, why don’t I just meet up with him?

I’m sure Ha Young wouldn’t mind. Just for a day anyway. Besides, I don’t think the agents are going to notice anything! Ha Young and I practically have the same face!

Got to call Ha Young.


Someone answers.

“Yoboseyyo! Ha Young ah! When are you coming home? I have something to talk to you about.”

-동 해.DONG HAE-


Oops. Get down.

Lurking again.

Oops. Hide.

Pheww. Almost.

“Donghae hyung. Why, oh why in the world are you lurking and spying behind me and tries in vain to hide behind the small cushion pillow when I look back? Did you meet a clown fish today or what?” Kyuhyun suddenly said but his eyes are still on his games.


I got discovered.

Okay, okay. I was just trying to spy on Kyuhyun, to see what’s up with him since his ‘date’ with Hae Rin.

Well, I guess you can say spying on the magnae in this big living room at our own dorm while he’s playing games isn’t quite necessary. Urgh.

Screw what I’ve learnt at the Fish’s Detective School. No use. The evil magnae is too smart that he can notice me. Or is it just the fact that the living room is so big and there’s no one else but me and Kyuhyun in here and I’m just hiding behind a small cushion pillow that only covers my face, making it easy for him notice me even when he’s absorbed in his games?


My fish brain is calling out for more seawater for it to breathe in.

The other members are out for their schedule. Kyuhyun, Siwon and I are going for our schedule in two hours.

Okay. Kyuhyun is acting normal after yesterday’s date. But I’m positive something happened between him and Hae Rin. I can’t ask both of them about it, since they’ll say that I watch too much movies or something.

“Hyung, how about you play this game with me, instead of standing there while knocking your head like you’re trying to get your brain out of your head through your ears?” Kyuhyun said while handing me the other game controller.

Aisy. No time for that. I have to know what really happened at the restaurant!

Nonetheless, my hand move towards the game controller and I sit down next to Kyuhyun. Who knows, maybe I can beat Kyuhyun this time?

So much for my detective role. Well, maybe later.

-규 현.KYU HYUN-

Donghae hyung is acting…fishy.

He seems like he doesn’t believe my story and Hae Rin’s.

Well, let’s just let him be. At least the others believed us.

I’m going to ignore whatever that happened at the restaurant. Especially, the kiss.

Better focus on my games now. Donghae hyung is looking rather enthusiastic to beat me today.

Well, maybe he does stand a chance against me in games. When tigers start to eat spinach, of course.

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