Twin Piano~


As Madotsuki wanders the world of her own mind, 2 twin sisters, Monoe and Monoko, lay their unwanted eyes closely on her. A piano rests inside a white empty room. No living creature occupies it except a googly-eyed man named Masada. His age and history is unknown, but he also has a passion for piano playing. These 3 fragments in Madotsuki's dream seem to get attracted by odd...


~Characters from game Yume Nikki~





Appearance~ Brown hair in 2 braids, Brown eyes, Pink Logo-ed sweater, simple skirt, high socks, red   loafers.

Personality~ Always curious, sporty yet also intelligent, sarcastic

Likes~ video games, cuddly creatures, discovering things, poking people

Fun Fact(s)~ She loves bicycling and imitating a cute kitty = w =



Appearance~ Tall and slender, sleek black hair, pale white skin, wears black attire

Personality~ Kind and quiet, very bashful and caring, artistic, never frowns (even in grave situation)

Likes~ Piano playing, Madotsuki, bunnies

Fun Fact(s)~ He would sacrifice himself for love. Not as talkative, but very creative



Appearance~ pale white, sleek long black hair, black skirt and long socks, white shirt, black eyes

Personality~ very dominant and bossy, intelligent yet stubborn, very energetic

Likes~ Uboa, Masada, Monoko, Strawberry Pocky, White Roses

Fun Fact(s)~ Older sister twin sister of Monoko. Very impulsive and secretly has crush on Masada.



Appearance~ (yes I know) Pale white, wears similar outfit to Monoe, Has thick black pigtails, (strangely) Multiple Arms..

Personality~ Very playful and cute (despite her strange features), very easy to offend, doesn't think straight

Likes~ Monoe, deserts, Madotsuki, playing, vanilla pocky

Fun Fact(s)~ Even though she is younger, Monoko is VERY protective of Monoe and she uses her multiple limbs as weapons for combat



More Characters will be added throughout story...


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