Till Eternity


{ one for him, one for her, one for them to be together }

Park Dara lived a quiet and peaceful life in Busan. Although raised in an orphanage, she grew up as a beautiful, talented, and kind-hearted lady. She was unfortunate not to get a chance to meet her parents but since young, she had been very understanding of this loss and took it upon herself to repay those who had taken her in and took care of her, in ways she knows how, going through her days without any doubts, believing that everything that happened, happened for a reason. However, when things took turn for a change, Dara found her curiosity being challenged. It’s as if fate was playing with her, giving her the answers to questions she didn’t need to know the answers to, or would like to for that matter. How much more was there about her that she did not know of and how much more of it would affect the life she had grown to love?


Kwon Jiyong was a reserved yet crowd-pleasing person. He was known by several names, notorious for his esoteric and imperious vibe, the mystery behind those solemn eyes playing a huge role on his rising fame. He usually shuns it, just lets people admire, love, hate and judge him all the same. Though, unlike what most thinks, he enjoys the simplest things, like five more forced minutes of sleep before starting his day, a warm cup of coffee on a breezy Sunday morning, and an occasional trip to the school library, burying himself in books and letting himself be immersed in it’s magic as a way to escape his reality. Little did he know, that even those, could lead him to face the truth of his past and remind him of what had been destined to come.


“Every memory repeats, every step I take retreats, every journey always brings me back to you.”




Hi! This is my 2nd fic in AFF but unlike the other one, which I've already deleted, I'm planning to actually finish this story. I think it had been around 2 years since I came up with this plot and concept, with the help of my aunt who is a huge Dara fan, and after a lot of procrastination and revisions, I finally decided to go on with it. This time, I'll be writing for myself. I'm a slow-writer so I'll be doing it on my own pace, taking my own sweet time. Hopefully, I'll be able to do well and give life to the characters in my imagination and perhaps share them with you too.

Readers and comments are welcome, of course. I'll appreciate it. :) Maybe you can guess how the story goes too! ^^

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Cher & Peter Cetera - After All


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