Meeting Him

Unavoidable Fate


Kim Cheonsa POV

I had been waiting for a call since weeks ago; a call from that ahjussi that might change our fate. Surprisingly, no one is dead right after we decided to search for that ahjussi. Coincidence, maybe? I had tried searching for his information on the internet but being a stupid I am, I just couldn’t find any information about him. That was so stupid of me, actually.

Kris hired a famous detective to search about that ahjussi but up until now, we still didn’t get the results yet. Well, at least, not yet. But I’m sure we’ll get the results soon, very soon. That detective had solved many mysterious murders and suicides; I’m sure this case is not as hard as the other cases. Well, the other EXO members also helped us to search for that ahjussi. However, none of us got any information about him.

Something is not right here - How can investigating about him can be so difficult to do? He is just a normal guy who you can just track from some websites or something. It’s been weeks and amazingly, we still didn’t get anything about him – Kim Sang Joong.

“Who is he, actually?” Luhan asked in frustration after getting no information about that guy. He is indeed mysterious, I thought. I couldn’t help but to sigh heavily.

“I don’t know. I’ve never thought investigating about him can be so difficult,” I said, only to earn loud sighs from the boys. They had been devastated ever since we couldn’t find that ahjussi. What if one of us dies before we can find him? We were worried and scared as hell. We couldn’t die yet, not until we knew the reason behind Suho’s and D.O’s death.

“He must’ve known something,” muttered Lay softly under his breath. I turned to him. He was right.

“What if he’s the reason behind hyungs’ death?” Sehun asked. Some of us agreed with him. Kai was one of them. I looked at my beloved dongsaeng in disbelief.

“Kai… You…”

“Yes, I do agree with Sehun, noona. How can he know about us having bad auras? Stupid.” He smirked. My hand curled into a fist under the table. My face was as red as a tomato – I was very pissed off.

“Jongin, you must’ve gone crazy” I said in anger. I wasn’t angry at the fact that he didn’t believe the ahjussi. I was just angry at the fact that he just jumped into conclusions without knowing the truth. It was not cool; that was so stupid of him. We learnt not to jump into conclusions when we were kids. Mom and dad always told us that he who laughs last, laughs best. He had always followed their lessons but why didn’t he follow it now? Why did he hate that ahjussi so much?

“Look, I-“just before I continued my sentence, Kris held my hand under the table. He uncurled my fist slowly. His warm hand fit perfectly with mine. My gaze turned to him. He looked as normal as ever; nothing was wrong with his face but yet, he managed to make me feel calm by caressing my palm softly. I felt like I was in heaven. I felt safe with him. Unknowingly, my lips turned into a small smile. I looked down at our hands and turned to Kris – still that normal y charismatic face of his. I was so into our skinship that I didn’t realize they were all bad-mouthing and cursing that ahjussi. Aish, these kids.

“Quiet, everyone!” Kris commanded as his forehead wrinkled a bit. I knew, he must’ve missing Suho so much. It was troublesome taking care of these 9 noisy naughty kids. Now, they all had their attention to my handsome boyfriend.

“No matter how much you dislike him, we will still find him, okay?” They all groaned. Chanyeol pouted and stomped his feet as Xiumin placed his head on the round table. They were all doing various actions in describing their ways of refusing to find the ahjussi. I shook my head in disbelief.

“Enough, kids. Let’s find him quickly and live happily ever after! Aja aja fighting!” Kris smiled broadly. I stared at him in awe. My boyfriend is so charismatic. The other boys groaned again and mumbled and mumbled again as they walked out of the room.

“These kids…” Kris shook his head. Silence wrapped around us as I looked down.

“Thank you” I mumbled under my breath as Kris looked down at me. (I’m short, just so you know)

“For what?”

“For helping me to find him” I said as I hugged him. Just when he was about to caress my hair, his phone rang. I sighed as he answered the phone.

“Yes. Uh uh” he asked for a pen and a paper. I quickly took a paper and a pen from my blue handbag and handed them to him.

“Okay. Uh uh. Yes. Thank you very much,” Kris said as he ended the call. I took a look at the paper. I only saw numbers. Wait… Was that…

“His phone number,” Kris said like he could read my mind. Oh My God, was I dreaming? I could reach that ahjussi now! I could contact him now!

“Let’s call him now!” I grabbed his hand and made my cute puppy eyes. Without any objection, he dialed that number.

“Yoboseyo? Is this…” Kris paused. What is his name again? He mouthed at me. Kim. Sang. Joong.

“Kim Sang Joong?”

“I am Kris, I’m one of the guys that met you the other day at the café.”

“I’d like to meet you now, if you’re not busy. Uhmm… Yes, at the same café at 4.30 p.m. Okay. Thank you very much. Goodbye.” Kris ended the conversation and told me to get ready. We headed to the same café after we told the kids that we were going.

I waited for that ahjussi as I took a sip on my hot lemon tea. I was tensed up – what if he didn’t show up? No, Cheonsa, you should think positively. He’ll come, believe it! Suddenly, Kris tapped my back. I guessed he noticed that I was tensed up. I took a glance at the entrance and there that ahjussi was, entering with that fierce face of his; dark eyes with neat eye brows and small lips. I called him and he sat right in front of us.

My heart beat so fast that I could hear my own heartbeat. Why do I feel this way? Am I afraid of what he’ll say? What if he’s the reason behind Suho’s and D.O’s death? Is it really the right decision to meet him now? God, help me. This is so frustrating!

I face palmed and let out a heavy sigh.



“Uh? Sorry, I- I was uh-“ before I finished my sentence, that ahjussi cut me off.

“Do you have a picture of you guys together with the other guys?” We nodded. I took out my phone and showed him a picture of us together at the amusement park, just a few moments before they rode the roller coaster.

“Who are the dead ones?” Kris showed him where Suho and D.O were standing. They were smiling from ear-to-ear. Tears welled up in my eyes as I remembered how happy they were on that day – they talked about their upcoming comeback again and again and… God, I was in verge of tears. I wanted to cry by just thinking of our memories together.

“Do you still feel any bad auras on us?” Kris asked on behalf of me as I wiped my tears away. That ahjussi looked at us and smirked. He looked really evil now. God…

“Yes and I feel really bad auras on someone in the picture,” he stated as a matter-of-fact. We were so curious. I held his hand tightly and I asked, “Which one of us?”

“This one.”





Oh My! It's been awhile now, isn't it? I'm so so so so sorry! *bow infinity times* I've been really really really really busy these days. And it's now holidays and I may update another chapters soon. ^^ 기다려 진고야 ! 


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Chapter 6: Just found this stroy and I could say that this story really caught my interest.
I don't know why but I could felt like their death were arranged by their sitting position in the roller coaster before. So if that was true, then it should be Chen who is the next victim, am I right? Well, it just my random guess though. About the note, let me guess it too. 091011 sounds like a date. If it talking about Korea, then it must be 11 October 2009 since Korean always write years first then followed by month and date. And that was no doubt a Sunday so the first note and second note were related. The third note is 0300 sounds like a time. So maybe it talks about something that happening on Sunday, 11 Oct 2009 at 03:00. Maybe it tells about their friend/someone they knew who died/disappear that day who is now hunting 'em and want to get revenge because of her death. (I assume the spirit is a girl since it's a girl reflection on Suho's picture at chap.2)
I don't know if it was true or not 'causw it just my random guess. But to tell the truth, I was very curious with what would come after this. So, I hope you could update ASAP author-nim! Your story really intersting! Good job for ya and fighting!! ^_^
P/S : Lay death's were really tragic since he commited suicide. I didn't expect that, actually. I really start to think that EXO boy's should gather up in one place together so they could protect each other.
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Chapter 6: its hard not to curse when you're in the same situation,heu..
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Chapter 5: B





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