We're Perfectly Different


|| We're Perfectly Different ||



Yuri | Taeyeon | Sehun | Luhan

Yuri has the ability to read people's mind and the ability to freeze anything.

She can also move things by using her mind.

She has the attitude of being cold to everyone.

She treat her sister as her mother.

Many boys like her but she all turned them down.

Taeyeon has the ability to turn back time and the ability to burn things by just using her mind.

She can also be invisible.

Taeyeon has a cheerful and kind personality.

She is very friendly to everyone.

Sehun is a normal guy who's living together with his best friend.

He doesn't have family since his attitude is guy who is Rebelious.

He cursed a lot but even though he's a rebelious.

He still doesn't fail his subjects.

He is only 18 years old but he already have 5 ex-girlfriends.


Luhan is a normal guy same as Sehun.

He left his family because his father was hurting him.

Sehun and Luhan worked on a cafe` to earn money.

He is the opposite of Sehun. 

A 19 years old boy with 2 girlfriends at the same time.

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Yuri and Taeyeon came from a different place.

A place that is not just ordinary, a place full of mystery and magic.

They were not born with powers. Taeyeon got her powers when she was 10 years old.

Yuri got her powers when she's at the age of 8 years old.

Their mother died while their father left them because he never loved their mother.


Yuri has a cold personality while her sister, Taeyeonis the opposite of her. She is very kind and friendly.

Both of them lived in place called, YALTIA.


Yaltia is a hidden place which is located in Seoul.

It is a place for people who got their powers.

People who lives here called themseves Yaltians.


Yuri and Taeyeon left the place together with their uncle.

Taeyeon is the one who's taking care of her sister since their uncle is very old.


Updated on 2/8/13

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Merhaba #1
Chapter 20: This Story is perkect but it was really sad.
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 20: This so great story authornim..
Hope you can make the sequel..

I want yulhun meets again..
Thanks for ur lovely story..
Aienul_shuii #3
Chapter 20: it was a great story :D but please make sequel :D
I'm already addicted to this story :D
hope you can make it :D
Please make a sequel *u*
Chapter 20: Oh! You mean all the happennings that happened here in the story is just her dream!? Oh BTW, I'm you're new reader here! I like it ^__^
yuriadek #6
happyhappyeollie #7
aww please make a sequel!! yuri didn't end up with sehunnie here :(
but a great story nonetheless! and i don't know.. why sunny had to erase sehun's memory? i'm just like.. sad right now -___-
yoonhee7 #8
Chapter 20: It is really totally seriously absolutely great story!
It's just come to an end~
crookedgemini #9
Chapter 20: Please make a sequal!!! Its reallly a good story...lol wen i saw a story update i saw the complete word next to the story title and I was like NO NO NO!! PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!
OhYoonHae #10
Chapter 20: Its just a dreammm???? Ughhhh, make the sequel juseyooo