My Snowy Wish is You, Jung Daehyun!!! [one-shot]


I don't know how long it has been since you have taken over my heart
My small heart that has always been cold is now warming up because of you...



IU/ Lee Jieun

IU real name is Lee Jieun. A beautiful lady, that loves her boyfriend so much. Yeah she finally graduates her university with good great. Now, she had her own café, even her cafe just open in early December her cafe became really popular with people like student, university student and so on. Because that she don’t have any time to spent with her boyfriend. Oh, she really wishes that this month she can spent time with her boyfriend. Because she miss him so much!!!


Jung Daehyun

Okay, you know who this right?! Yeah, this is IU sweet boyfriend. He got a nickname from his fans girl when IU and Deahyun still as student and the nickname was ‘Nation Boyfriend’ Yes; I’m really agreed with that name actually.  He doesn’t really like to show him boyfriend side to anybody; he likes to show that he another side to IU only. Since IU, open her café she really cannot spend her time with him that which make him sad over and over. But he cannot blame on IU because he know that he busy to with work. Oh, he really wishes can spent time with her only one day!!! 


Yongguk, Himchan and Zelo will be comeos in this story ^_^

Main song of this story : Snowy wish by Girl's Generation


-Oh, I think I hit something-

-WAA!! It person!!! Not Something!!! I will capture by the police!!!-

-oh!! are you okay?!-

-waa!! he really STRONG!!! Yeah! I not will get capture by police!!!-

-oh, he forget his burger????- (hehe^_^ random~)


Hi, everyone!!! Yeah, I will write about Daehyun B.A.P!!! and most important thing is I type story to my Bias, IU!!! I'm so happy ^_^ oh, don't forget to Subscribe and Comment!!! enjoy~

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Sehun_lisp #1
Chapter 2: Your story is cute^^
Chapter 2: waa~ good story:)
I'm blushing now~
Sehun_lisp #3
The plot is great^^
update soon^^
can't wait for the one shot^^