Big Beefy Oppas

How The Dragon Claimed His Panda.

Tao paid for his lunch and turned to Kris and Luhan. The two boys were currently arguing over who got the last chocolate pudding pack.


“Yah! Kris back off! Get your big bird beak away from my pudding!” Luhan shouted, blocking Kris’ hands from reaching out towards the pudding cup.


Kris snorted and slapped the shorter boy’s hands away, “Shut up, Midget. I need food to sustain my manly body. I, unlike others,” with this Kris side glanced a glaring Luhan, “am still growing.”


Luhan growled and pinched Kris’ arm as he reached out once more for the chocolate treat.  Kris let out a rather unmanly yelp and glared back down at the shorter boy.


            Tao shook his head as he watched the pair bicker. It seemed the two couldn’t go more than 15 minutes without fighting about something completely stupid. Before the two could do something so ridiculous as come to blows over a pudding cup Tao decided now was the best time to make an escape.


            Sticking his head between the two boys, Tao smiled shyly and stated cheerfully, “Ge, I’m going to go save us a lunch table! Meet me when you’re done!” and with that he happily skipped away, leaving the two to continue their pointless argument.


            Carrying his loaded lunch tray out into the seating area, Tao glanced around for an open space. Sighing deeply, Tao’s shoulders slumped when he realized that nearly all the tables were taken. Glancing around once more, Tao met eyes with a few of the students in the room. A few girls he recognized from class glared angrily at him and made sure that the seats next to them were occupied.


            Tao clenched the tray in his hands as he continued to look around for a table. He was no stranger to eating alone. Back in his old school Tao was the local pariah. Most of the students were scared of him and consequently no one ever wanted to have lunch with him. Tao had accustomed himself to eating alone, buried in the small romance section allowed to the school library. What could he say? Sometimes a cheesy, cliché romance is just what the doctor ordered.


            Finally spotting a large unoccupied table towards the back of the room, Tao grinned and speed walked happily towards it. The quicker he got away from all those hostile eyes, the better.


However, about halfway towards the table, a small, daintily clad foot shot out, blocking Tao’s path and causing him to fall forward dangerously. Tao dropped his food in a panic and kicked his leg forward in order to execute a tightly controlled flip, landing him squarely on his feet. 


Tao whipped his head around and turned to stare at the owner of the foot that had just tried to trip him up. Tao locked eyes with the girl with the silky black hair from earlier. Only now her black hair was drenched in broth, and was speckled with the noodles from Tao’s lunch. It seemed in his haste to save himself from a painful face plant into the floor, Tao had unceremoniously dumped his lunch onto her head.  Tao clenched his lips shut as he attempted to keep his laughter to himself.


The girl’s eyes narrowed slightly as she continued her stare down with Tao, right before doing the unexpected; She screamed. She screamed and cowered into her seat, hugging herself tightly. “HYUN SHIK OPPA!! OPPA HELP ME!!”


Tao took a step back in surprise and glanced around the room, seeing the many terrified eyes upon him. Tao whimpered quietly and turned back around when he felt a large beefy hand land on his shoulder.


Tao’s eyes widened, as he looked into the muddy brown eyes of a large, muscular boy with an eyebrow piercing. The man before him grabbed Tao by his collar and lifted him up, slightly off the ground.


The girl behind them sobbed loudly and pleaded to her oppa for help, “Oppa! Did you see that? He dumped his food on me and then glared at me! He’s so scary! Hyun Shik Oppa help me!”


Tao scoffed at the girl’s dramatics but stopped when he felt the hands on his collar clench harder and he was pulled closer to the man’s ugly face. Tao gasped as one of the man’s arms pulled back to punch him in the face, but Tao’s inner wushu master came to the surface and he pushed the mans arm to the side and sent a well aimed kick to the man’s neck, sending Hyun Shik crashing to the floor in a loud, painful pile.


Tao looks down at the angry man on the floor and whimpers again, eyes widening to the size of saucers. He may have been trained in the ways of Wushu, but he definitely wasn’t accustomed to having to use it on another person.


Hyun Shik picked himself up off the floor, and brushed some dirt off his sleeve, rolling his eyes up to meet Tao’s he screamed, “YAHH!!” and approached Tao slowly.


Tao took a couple of steps back in fear and darted his eyes around the cafeteria like a lost puppy.


            When Hyun Shik was only 3 steps away from him, a strong arm reached around the man’s neck, squeezing tightly, and forcing the man to his knees. A familiar deep voice spoke quietly, “Do you have a problem, Hyun Shik?”


            Hyun Shik reached up to the arm around his neck and clawed at it uselessly, “K-Kris!” he gasped out desperately.


            Luhan popped out from behind Kris’ dark form and ran around him towards Tao. Wrapping the scared boy up into his protective frame, Luhan d Tao’s hair gently and cooed soothingly at him. “Oh my Tao baby! Are you okay?!? Did the big beefy oaf hurt you??” Luhan pulled away and grabbed Tao’s chin lifting it forwards and back, checking for injuries. Tao blinked and shook his head in answer. Luhan grinned and proceeded to pat Tao’s in reassurance. Tao blushed at the man’s embarrassing mother-like administrations, but allowed him to grab his hand anyways and lead him towards the empty table in the back.


            Luhan sat him at the table, and pulled out the empty chair beside him for himself. Sitting down, Luhan began shoveling down food and chattering at Tao in his usual cheerful manner. Tao blinked and opened his mouth to accept a forkful of food from the happy Hyung beside him as he attempted to acclimate to the quick change of events.


            Behind them, Kris still had a strong grip on Hyun Shik’s neck as he watched the man continue to grab at his arm. Releasing his hold a bit he allowed the man to speak, “THAT SON OF A BITC—” Kris quickly increased his grip, choking the man’s words off. Hyun Shik’s eyes bugged slightly and he slapped at Kris. “I said, Hyun Shik, Do. You. Have. A. Problem?”


            Hyun Shik sagged slightly and gasped out quietly when he was given the room to breathe, “N-No. No problem.”


            Kris grinned, and allowed the man to sag to the floor. “You better watch it Hyun Shik. Tao is off limits.” Glaring, he looked up and locked eyes with the girl who started it all, who had since stopped sobbing. “For everyone.” He announced quietly, causing the girl to shrink back once more, this time in real fear. After a second, he winked mischievously at her, grabbed his lunch, and walked away, towards the table currently occupied by Luhan and Tao.


            Pulling out the seat on the other side of Tao, he sank his body into the chair and smiled goofily at Tao. “You want my pudding cup?” he chuckled as he lifted the item from his tray. Tao smiled and accepted the gift.


            Chen the troll walks out belatedly from the lunch line and spots his friends sitting towards the back of the cafeteria. Strolling casually towards the table, he stops behind the still kneeling Hyun Shik. Pulling his arm back dramatically, he swings forward and slaps the man behind his head. “Idiot.” He states. And continues on his way to the table. Pulling out the seat opposite of Tao, he sits and begins munching on the apple from his tray.


            Sound resumes in the room as everyone gradually begins to return to their lunch and conversations, putting that confrontation behind them.


            “So Tao,” Chen begins, “ What are you doing here, transferring in the middle of the semester?”


            Tao swallows the grape Luhan just fed him and turns to Chen, “Ah! Well pretty much the usual I guess, my dad just got a better job offer here than in China so we moved. “


            “So you’re from China too? So are we! Except for Chen actually.” Luhan added excitedly, “It’s a huge change, how are you feeling about it?”


            Tao smiles shyly and answers happily, “I was really nervous at first! Luckily I’ve been studying Korean for a while now so I don’t have to worry about the language, I was mostly nervous about coming to school….” Tao trailed off and glanced around the table, “I’m not good at making friends but I’m super happy I met you guys.”


            Luhan squealed and attempted to smother Tao in another hug, but luckily Kris saved him and pulled the boy closer to him, away from the overexcited deer boy.


            “Plus,” Tao added, “This is where SHINee is. And now as an official fanclub member I can finally attend all their fanmeets!” Tao fanboyed happily.


            Luhan let out another ear-piercing shriek and looked at Tao excitedly. “You’re a SHAWOL?!!?” Tao nodded and Luhan grabbed his hands up and held them tightly, “I knew we met for a reason! Me too! Omigaaaah!” He squealed again, “Who’s your favorite?!? I’m a blinger! What about you???”


            Tao clutched Luhan’s hands back just as tightly and jumped in his seat slightly, jostling Kris. Letting out his own excited squeal Tao felt his shyness flee, “EEEEEEEEE! I’m a flamer! Minho is just so y!” At this Kris sat up straight and dropped the spoon he was using.


            Luhan began bouncing in time with Tao, “I knnnoooowwwww! He’s so perfect! He’s soooooooo tall!”


            Kris sat up straighter.


            “And he’s got that gravelly, deeply voice! It just makes me wanna, ooooh~” Tao added with a pleasant shudder.

            Kris grumbled and cleared his throat, “Chen, can I have one of your napkins?” he asked lowly. Chen snickered but passed him one anyways.


            “And he’s just so handsome!!!” Tao and Luhan squealed at the same time.


            Kris pushed his hair back smoothly, and glanced out of the corner of his eye to see if Tao was watching him. Unfortunately, nobody was paying any attention to him but Chen, who was full on cackling at him. Kris groused unhappily and kicked Chen in the shin, causing the boy to flinch and stop laughing.


            Tao noticed Kris’ grumpy state and released Luhan’s hands to poke Kris’ arm. “Gege? Thanks for helping me earlier.” Lurching forward quickly, Tao placed a chaste kiss on Kris’ cheek. Smiling cutely, he pulled back and continued to squeal with Luhan.Kris felt his jealousy fly away and he smiled contentedly as he went back to eating his lunch.


            “Oh hey, there’s Lay! Looks like he finally got his monocle off.” Chen laughed as he waved the boy over.


            Lay trudged over looking, confused as ever. “Hey guys, look who I found sleeping in the washroom.” Lay turned around and presented the sleepy looking boy draped over his back.


            “Xiumin!” Luhan yelped, “Not again! What’s the reason this time?”


            Chen stood up to pry the smaller boy off Lay’s back and plopped him down at the table.


            Xiumin looked up lazily and let out a large goofy smile, “Ah. Last night a new episode of Spongebob came out! You know, Spongebob got fired! I think… It was in English, and you know I don’t speak English very well, but it didn’t come out until like 3:00 AM! But… I wanted to see it, so I waited.” Xiumin stopped and puffed his cheeks out like a blowfish.


            “Ah!” Tao let out loudly. Everyone at the table turned to look at him. Tao blushed, “Sorry. But Xiumin Ge is very adorable!” Tao looked down at the table, “He looks just like a baozi.”


            Xiumin released the breath from his cheeks and cocked his head to the side, examining Tao thoroughly. Releasing a sudden, blinding smile, Xiumin hopped up and grabbed Tao’s hands, shaking them vigorously. “I LOVE baozis!! Nice to meet you, I’m Xiumin! Let’s be best friends!”


            Tao smiled shyly and nodded his head in response, “I’m Tao! Nice to meet you to!”


            Xiumin smiled happily and sat back down in his seat. “So...What did I miss? Why was Lay wearing a monocle in the Washroom?” 



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