Chasing Summer: Autumn


This is the continuation.



For the people who has a purpose in life.
And yes, that includes you.


I have decided to divide this fanfiction into several parts. The first part, I believe, is already completed. And so, it's completely up to you if you want to carry on with the characters' journey. Thank you for bearing with this humble fic of mine. I hope to hear more from you soon.

Love always,

Translation(s): Vietnamese

NOTE: I apologize for adding this late, but I'm posting this as a trigger warning. Especially on the later chapters, where things become tough for the characters.

Thank you. (140707)

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anitaklr24 #1
Chapter 38: I always return to read it again.
Chapter 29: Its too warm
Chapter 13: Great writting.. great..!!!!
Chapter 12: Myungsoo was. For once happy... Its hurting...
Chapter 6: A thumbs up for ur innocence author nim
Chapter 3: Oh the entry of a mischievous boy there... Nam wohyun...
Chapter 38: I’m happy how things turn out at the end. Thank you for showing us how great God’s love for us is. I hope you’ll keep on writing! :)
Chapter 12: I’ve reread this every year around this time and I still cannot get over the fact that Daehyun dies.
Chapter 13: Killing Daehyun was too much
1crystalthao #10
Chapter 38: Yo..... This story was the most beautiful story I've ever read. Definitely not the average fanfic with romance and problems. I love how you included faith and trust and God. One of a kind.