Kai's Falling in Love

I need You, Kim Jongin.

I Need You, Kim Jong In



"I miss you a lot, Stella" He said after kissed you.


"I-I-I-I th-"


"Stella, Kai, come here!" Kai's mom was calling you before you finish your word. Thanks, God.

"Can you help me? I'm forgetting to buy the carrots, can you buy some for me?"


"Sure, aunty" You said.


So you two went to the groceries and didn't saying anything while walking. Kai just humming because he's nervous and you just pouted your cheeks because you didn't know what to do. You arrived at the groceries and bought some carrots and then walking back home silently.


"About the kiss-" finally he opened the conversation.


"I know you fooled me again. It doesn't surprised"


"NO!" he stopped walking and blocked your way. "I'm serious this time!"


"Yeah, your face explained everything" You're trying to avoid him but he blocked your way, again.


"Did my face was that fool?"


"Yes! Your face such a fool" You said and giggled and then walked. He just stayed there then suddenly he threw a snowball towards you.


"YAH! KIM JONGIN!" you yelled.


"Say that one more time and I will rain you with that snow!"


"YOUR FACE SUCH A FOOL" you yelled while laughing because he's laughing too. You threw a snowball to him and started to snowball fighting and then Kai threw it to your face.


"KIM IN JONG IN I HATE YOU" you yelled.


"HATERS TO LEFT PLEASE!" he laughed out load. You started to catch him but you slipped. You held his arms and you two started to roll in the snow and ended up with Kai's on your top position. You're blushed, so does Kai. You're trying to stand up. Kai's laughing for no reason and you followed him. This is the best day, ever.

You saw a guy with a little girl, its Lu Han and Minzi. "Lu Han oppa, Minzi-ah!" you shouted and approached them.



Kai's POV


"Lu Han oppa, Minzi-ah!" Stella shouted and approached them and I followed her. Lu Han smiled to me but I didn't reply. Stella carried the little girl and they looked pretty close.


"Oppa, why your girlfriend with someone else?" the little girl asked. Girlfriend?


"Minzi-ah, she's not my girlfriend"


"But, mommy said that she likes unnie" So, she's close with his mom, too?


"Minzi-ah. Let's go home, mommy is waiting"

"Kai, Stella, I have to go now. Is it okay?"


"Yes, oppa. Merry Christmas" Stella said and smiled to him and then gives back the little girl to Lu Han.


"See you soon, unnie, oppa" the little girl waved to me and Stella.


We walked home and didn't say anything. It's always awkward because seem we didn't talked for a long time.

I held her hand.


"K-K-Kai" she said and tried to jerk my hand.  I held her more tightly until she surrender.


"Just stay" I said. Your hand fit well in me.


I love you with everything I have, and that guy who had realized me about that. You are perfect to me and I'm in love with you and all your little things. When I look at you, I see this perfect person then there's me, this weird crazy person with all those problems and I don't see how you chose me. I don't know how to express my feelings, I don't know how to say that I love you. But please, just stay.


I Need You, Kim Jong In

A/N; Kai's more mature when he's falling in love, right?^^ wait....wait.....is he really falling in love?

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THIS STORY'S ENDED!;-; thank you all, it's always on 'stories trending today' everytime I updated it. It's because of you guise ALL!!! THANKS!!♥

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gemmymars #1
Chapter 34: Such a cute ending^^ I really enjoyed reading your story authornim~
rosebell #2
I keep rereading this story, it's just so good!!
Chapter 34: Hapoy ending
Chapter 34: Happy ending ;)
Anikai #5
Chapter 1: I started to read it. ..
Chapter 34: The story is such secute ;;
PiKai_chu #7
Chapter 34: Yeheyyy.. Happy ending xD #ugly sobs
Chapter 36: Was amazing story author-nim!!!!!!
Chapter 34: It was really sad with luhan part but that was imposible about sehun being nice over someone who he didnt have any feeling xD

i laught when sehun said if he tred being tired! Really funny!

And you are indonesian, good job! Salam kenal author^0^
mega_kimkai #10
Hy too....that your ps really to me....??? Okay i'll subc and comment your fic...this is the first time i read your fic....sorry for late to read your fic....:))