A Gift For You

12 Days of Little Infinite's Christmas

It was a few days before Christmas and Mrs. Nam has decided that her 7-year-old son, Woohyun, is old enough to pick his Christmas gift for his best friend Howon who lives next door.

Bad move Mrs. Nam.

“That one mommy!” Woohyun cried as he pointed at the 13th toy he found at the store. “Howonnie would love to play with that robot.”


“Or that one!” Woohyun cried excitedly pointing at the 10th clothing item he saw. “That shirt has a dinosaur on it and is purple mommy! Purple! Howonnie would love it.”

“Sweetie Howon doesn’t need all that-”

“And look at that mommy!” Woohyun said excitedly pointing at another thing in the store. “Chocolates!! Howonnie loves chocolates! We should get him that too.”

“Woohyun sweetie!” Mrs. Nam cried as she held her son so as to not be cut off again. “I don’t think Howon would need all that.”

“He will mommy,” Woohyun said absolutely sure. “Howon needs everything mommy! He deserves it.”

“I’m sure he does honey,” Mrs. Nam smiled gently thinking that his son’s devotion to his friend is quiet cute. “But if mommy buys all of that then we will have no dinner tonight, What will howon eat if we don’t have dinner.”

“Oh no mommy!” Woohyun suddenly cried shock etched on his face. “We can’t let that happen mommy, Howon needs to eat and I’m gonna cook lots of food for him later, right mommy?”

“Yes you will,” Mrs. Nam smiled. “But you can only pick one gift for Howon if you want to cook many delicious foods for him.”

“Just one gift…” Woohyun mused as he looked at his surroundings. He really wanted howon to have all those things he pointed earlier cause Howon deserves the best in Woohyun’s opinion but he wants to cook for Howon more so he just has to buy the perfect gift. Something that will transcend all of Woohyun’s love for Howon. Something warm that will keep Howon warm through the winter. Something cute cause Howon – even if he won’t admit it – likes cute things. Something like the purple and red scarf he’s looking at right now.

“Mommy!” Woohyun said excitedly. “Can we buy that for Howonnie? He would love it.”

“Of course we can sweetie,” Mrs. Nam smiled glad that Woohyun finally picked a gift.

Woohyun then reached for the scarf but felt it get tugged back.

Meanwhile in another side of the samemall…

Mrs. Lee never thought that his usually silent son would get all excited when buying a Christmas gift, then again this was to be expected of Howon since he’s buying one for his best friend Woohyun.

But she never thought Howon would pick so many things.

“Mommy look!” Howon cried as he rushed to his mom with a coloring book. “Woohyunnie would love this book, it has robots on it!”

“I know sweetie but-”

“Wait! Look at that!” Howon cried as he dropped the book and rushed towards a toy shelf. “Legos mommy! Woohyunnie loves building things so we should get him legos too!”

“Howon I don’t think-”

“Shooooesss!” Howon said excitedly. “Woohyunnie loves shoes. And look mommy its red! Woohyunnie’s favorite color.”

“Howon wait!” Mrs. Lee exclaimed a bit flushed from chasing after Howon. “You can’t buy Woohyun all of these.”

“Is it too much mommy?” Howon asked. “Do you think buying him 3 action figures is too much? I think so too. We should get rid of one mommy.”

“You don’t get rid of one Howon,” Mrs. Lee said. “You only buy Woohyun one gift.”

“But that won’t do,” Howon said with a pout. “Woohyun needs all these things, I want to give him all these things, he deserves it mommy.”

“Yes he does honey,” Mrs. Lee sighed but has a smile on her face at how adorable and sweet her son is. “But you see it’ll be a burden to Woohyun if you give him all of these stuff.”

“Why mommy?”

“Think about it honey, where will he place all of these?” Mrs. Lee asked.

“Oh…” Howon said as he realized that if he gives his friend all of these then there won’t be any space for Woohyun to sleep anymore and then Woohyun will get sick because of lack of sleep. Howon doesn’t want that to happen so he tells his mommy to return all of the things he already picked out and began looking around. He wanted the perfect gift for Woohyun. Something that would show he really loves his friend. Something that would take care of Woohyun. Something like the purple and red scarf he’s looking at right now.

“I found the perfect gift mommy!” Howon said excitedly.

Howon then reached out for the scarf but instantly felt it being tugged back.


“What?” Howon whispered to himself as he pulled on the scarf but it wasn’t budging instead it was being pulled away from him.

Howon then began playing tug-of-war with who knows who for the scarf.

“Let go!” Howon grunted. “It’s MINE!”

And with one last tug Howon managed to pull the scarf to his side along with the person who was pulling it from the other side making the two of them tumble on the floor.

“The scarf is mine!” Howon cried happily hugging the scarf.

“No!” another voice yelled. “That scarf is mine! That scarf is- Howonnie?” the last part was more of a question than a declaration.

“Huh?” Howon said when he heard his name. He then spun around only to see Woohyun who was actually his opponent for the scarf. “Woohyunnie!”

“Howonnie!” Woohyun said happily as he hugged his friend. “It really is you! Were you the one pulling on the scarf?”

“Yes,” Howon replied when Woohyun let go of him. “I was going to gift it to you Woohyunnie.”

“Really?!” Woohyun said obviously surprised. “I was gonna gift it to you Howonnie.”

“Then what do we do Woo?” Howon asked obviously distressed. “We can’t gift it to each other.”

“No we can’t…” Woohyun mused. “Then you should have it Howonnie.”

“No no,” Howon said as he handed the red and purple scarf to Woohyun. “You should have it Woohyunnie.”

“We can’t both have it Howonnie…” Woohyun said and the two kids thought again before Howon had a brilliant idea.

He took the red and purple scarf from Woohyun’s lap making Woohyun look at him with a questioning look. Howon then wrapped the long scarf around Woohyun’s neck and just as the other boy was about to protest Howon also wrapped the striped scarf around his own neck bringing the two of them closer.

“Now we’ll both have a present and we’ll both be very warm Woohyunnie,” Howon smiled.

“And we’ll both be by each other which is the best present of all,” Woohyun declared with his own smile and Howon’s obviously got bigger.



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