Fruits and Veges Grocery

What if you're blind?
I picked a nice woolly hoody. I dressed into it and pulled the rest of my clothes on. I smiled as I half tumbled down the stairs. I slipped on my sneakers as I pushed the front door open. The fresh air met my face. I took a deep breath in as I smiled. I turned around and whistled for Goofy. Goofy brushed against my legs. I gave him a huge hug as I pulled a leash around his body. He lapped at my face in the process.

“Eeww...Goofy that’s gross!” I teased as I grimaced.

He barked announcing that it was time to leave for our early morning Sunday walks. I let him to start trotting in front of me. Then I jogged beside him. The fresh morning air hit the spot.

“Ahh...”I sighed happily. “I love Sunday mornings.”

I arrived at the Fruits and Veges Grocery.

“Hi Diane! I need half a lettuce, two tomatoes, six oranges and two bunches of bananas.” I said.

“Umm...would you like a bag with all that?” a male voice asked. I =t definitely wasn’t Diane’s.

“You...You’re not Diane? Where’s Diane?” I asked. Diane had never been sick before she always was there to greet me too.

“Diane quit,” the male voice answered. His answer was quick and simple.

The voice sounded particularly familiar to me. I knew this voice too well....who could it couldn’t be...

“Jeremy?” I questioned.

“Yes, that’s me!” he chuckled.

“Are you working here?” I asked.


“Oh...well it’s not easy getting a job.”




“It becomes a little bit of a problem if you can’t see.”

Why did he make me always define that I am what I am. Blind. Disabled.

“Well I’ve got to get going,” I said.

He handed me my shopping and said bye as I walked off.

Goofy started whining when we neared the chicken store.

“Goofy! I’ll give you an extra chicken at home if you stop drooling dear.”

Goofy willing led me home. As I was nearing home I heard someone call my name. I turned around but there was no more calls so I ignored it and kept striding home.

I the radio and listened to the usual announcements. Weather, celebrities, accidents, interviews, songs and special events. I don’t understand why they say things secrets when they announce it to the whole world. I don’t understand why they say things are special when they do it all the time. I sighed as I slouched and dragged my feet to the kitchen to get myself a suitable peanut butter sandwich. Suddenly the phone rang. I rushed towards the sound. In the process I tumbled over my mini heater and twisted my leg around. CRACK!

Even though pain was coursing through my leg I dragged myself to the handset and pulled it to my ear.

“H...hel...hello?” I wheezed out.

“Hello. Is this Jeon residence? I’m Anna.” Someone asked on the other line.


“Is this Ribbon?”


“Is your mother there?”

“No, she’s at work right now.”

“Oh...well. Could you leave her a message?”

“Sure...what message.”

“Tell her that Herman is overjoyed with the artwork and would like to buy another one soon.”

“Ok...ah...well I’ll tell her as soon as she gets home.”

“Thank You! Bye!”

“Bye.” I squished the off button.

My leg felt like it was on fire now. I had to tell Mum. I tiredly called her.

“This is Jeon Administration. How may I help you?”Mum said on the other line.

“Mum.” I said weakly.

“Ribbon? Darling is there anything wrong?”

“I think I need to visit the hospital.”

“The hospital? Why?”

“Mum I think I twisted my leg.”

“Twisted you...what?”

“Twisted my leg...Mum calm down...”

“I’m coming home right now...” I could hear her running out and starting her car engine.

“Mum you don’t need to rush it’s probably fine.”

“Dik...dik...dik..” the sound announced that she had already turned her hung up on me.

She must have drove like a mad woman because she arrived home in less than seven minutes. She sounded vicious as she entered, scary.

“Ribbon...” she puffed. “I called the hospital. We are going right now?”

She helped me outside and into the car.

“Mum...Anna left a message for you. “Herman is overjoyed with the artwork and would like to buy another one soon.”” I quoted.
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