My secrets are told

What if you're blind?
I entered class feeling a little embarrassed.

“You’re late Miss Jeon!” Mrs Grambelle bellowed.

“Sorry Mrs Grambelle it’s just I had to...” I stuttered as someone interrupted me.

“She was late as she was helping me around to my classroom,” I heard the voice behind me.

I turned around to face the stranger.
The teacher must have looked up to the stranger.

“ must be the transfer student.” She said not to me.

“Yes...I’m Jeremy.” Jeremy said. It was Jeremy. His voice sounded sweet and alluring I realised then that this Jeremy was no ordinary guy. He was a playboy. Good thing I can’t see him...I really do stare at those kind of people.

In no time at all it was lunch. I sat outside with Yvonne my very best new friend. I don’t really know how I met her but I guess those things happen once in a lifetime. In my lifetime. I told her almost everything about me. She was the key to my secrets.

“Ribbon...were you always um...blind?” Yvonne asked hesitantly.

I was quite for a few moments as I put the sandwich I was munching down. “No,” I answered.

“Oh,” she said lost for words to say.

“It happened when I was eight and a half. My younger sister accidentally poked me hard in the eye with a stick. At first it was just bruised badly then my vision started to blur. My left eye became blind at that point of time. Then after another couple of months the other eye started to blur too. All the colour in my world disappeared that day. I can still remember it. I wish I appreciated my vision when I had it,” I sighed deeply.

“Don’t worry I’m here for you,” Yvonne said as she hugged me.

Jeremy was standing only a feet away and had heard the conversation and so had Mike.

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I will be doing Julia's POV!
T^T aawa......when I was so on onto the story thatswhen you stop T^T anyways I respect your decision
Hey anyone reading my story I have decided to stop this story and help making a story with my friend. The story is called Only One by marsh1010. Please read. I will be writing "Julia's POVs".
Nice to see eveyone again!<br />
Well I thinking about giving up this story it's a little confusing now.<br />
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