You've Gone Crazy


What would you do if a mysterious guy, who everyone calls in school a 'psycho', falls for you?



Title: You've Gone Crazy



Genre: Angst, Romance, Oneshot

Featuring: ng / yoon doojoon / lee kikwang

Author: soom_breathe

Rating: PG13




Lee Kikwang is the new transferee of the school, he has a mysterious persona, everybody thought he was a psycho. Park JiHu ignored everyone's opinions and befriended him. She thought everything was normal. Until everything changed, KiKwang started stalking her. That made her avoid him. Fortunately, JiHu has a savior, who goes by the name Yoon DooJoon.




“What happened to you?! Why are you acting like this?”


“I love you, very much. Don't say I'm crazy. It's just the only way I can show you how I love you.”


“Stay away from her, you psycho.”


A u t h o r's N o t e:

I was inspired to write this after watching Song JiEun's MV of Going Crazy. Featuring my two biases, Lee KiKwang & Yoon DooJoon. Everything is purely fictional. KiKwang isn't a psycho, arraseo? ^^


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Chapter 1: Thats actually a nice chapter very interesting i really loved it, it might be more perfect if it is a bit more long and also perfect ending. i dont say this isnt perfect but we dont know how she got rid of kikwang right......please do make a chapter or sequel this story is really really good and interesting ...Please take it as a request
CandidCandor 343 streak #2
Chapter 1: The way you wrote KiKwang's character was very good! Your style of writing is great too! The only thing I'd have to say is your commas. You've placed them in places you shouldn't have, and you didn't place them where you needed them. For example: "The door to the rooftop opened up and they both spun, seeing Doojun who was clenching his fist." That's your original text, but the correct way should be: "The door to the rooftop opened, and they both spun seeing Doojun who was clenching his fist." But don't be discouraged. Keep writing and reading, and you'll eventually get it. I was in your shoes too, but I kept reading and writing, and now I'm a lot better than I used to be. Of course, I'm still in the process of learning new things. Keep up the good work, and for sure, one day, you'll overcome your obstacles. Great job! Plus, congratulations on being featured! I found this story because of that!
Chapter 1: nice story, and I liked it

found this in the 'random story'
It's completed? I think it must have a sequel... XD<br />
Gikwang is psycho?? Hahaha.. I can't imagine he's being a psycho... Lol!<br />
Nice fanfic, I like it.. ^^
SweetishLollipop #6
Omg Gikwang sounds creepy here. D: but great story!
sequel sequel [email protected]
soom_breathe #8
I'm not promising. But I'll try, maybe, if I have some spare time.
make sequel.... I love it
soom_breathe #10
KariKari; I'm not sure about that..LMAO. =)) HAHA. I'd try, but I'm not promising since I don't want people having false hope. =))))) :D