Inoo Kei: My Future Husband?!


So I was flailing with my good friend / best friend earlier and asked her who is the cutest member of Hey! Say! JUMP! I told her choose one except for Yamada Ryosuke. (he's my bias! I want to write a fanfic for her lol) she kept on insisting YAMADA but I told her not him xD so she CHOSE INOO KEI!!! This is an Elika x Kei FanFic Hope you like it -- EliKei Fanfic


A fixed marriage?! Weeew... This is the most stupid thing a parents can do to their children. ELIKA and KEI are victims of this stupidity. A girl who's dreaming a fairytale like love story and a guy who wanted to marry an Australian lady. How will they adjust in this troublesome situation?
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