The Broken Vow

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This is a story of betrayal, sacrifices, battles, love, waiting, and promises. 

How long can you endure?

How much can you endure?





I agreed for a "one night stand" with Park Chanyeol. 

No, I'm not a . I'm not a . I did it becase I didn't have a choice. 

I needed his money. After that night, we agreed to forget everything.

But I didn't know that things will get complicated after that. 

Feelings, Kim Junmyeon, and decisions. 

I never thought it would turn my whole world upside down. 

I had no choice but be the mother of Park Chanyeol's baby. 




All rights reserved.  This is purely the result of my imagination. Any similar story to this is a pure coincidence. 

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NOTE : I made this story way back in 2012. I made this private for over a year due to personal reasons. Since many of my readers have been requesting for this to be made public again, I am. However, I am still in the process of editing chapters and making this story better. I won't be posting the whole story in one go. Rather, I'll post some chapters per day. Please do understand that this wouldn't be a fast process. Please do read my post:  Thank you. 

+ Some changes I've included is naming the OC. The main girl would be named Ahn Kyungjin.

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Chapter 3: I want to read the other chapter too >,< what will happen to their relationship? How in the world she sleep with chanyeol? Will chanyeol take responsibility? Ohgoshhh, i need to know ><"
nice ♡
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Chapter 3: I really want to read the rest of the chapter plss do publish it TT
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Chapter 3: i really really want to read the other chapter, could you possibly invite me author-nim? anw much love from indonesia, i really enjoy the other fic too^^
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Chapter 3: What is this?? I want to read the other chapter :(
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Chapter 3: Omg I want to continue reading but the other chapters are gone???
Congratulations on getting featured!
Chapter 3: II want to read the other chapter so bad.
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