Living Love

"A school week finally passes and it's now officially Saturday. The day students love where's there's no school"

Min's POV

          During the "first day" of school week, there's not really much progress between me and Baro. We're just complete strangers and we don't even talk. What I actually did and who I became friends with is Gongchan. ^-^ I'm proud to say I'm he's friend, he's all cool, funny, and one thing Baro doesn't have if 'friendly'. I actually visited him at the hospital the next day, and chatted with him like what normal friends does. I know it gets lonely being in the hospital that's why I visited him. Every time I was about to leave the hospital, he always begs me to stay a bit longer. I guess he's the type of person who can't stand being bored. I exchange numbers with him so he can call me any time he's bored. He did though got annoying because he kept calling me at wrong times, even right after I left his room. I was being careful not going to visit him the same time his chingus does. I told him that and he understands. Oh! Also he'll be attending school on Monday. He should be getting out of the hospital today. I want to see him come out, but of course his chingus and family will be seeing him. Another thing.. omg he's in the same class I'm in.

Gongchan's POV

          Two words to describe what I'm feeling this while week... in-love <3 <3 <3. That girl Min, I never thought she will seiously visit me. She's so nice,kind, and sweet. I think I jst said same things, let me repeat that. She's so nice, amazing, and pretty o////o. I asked for her phone number like a man would. Okay, fine I was lying... actually I acted like a kid, whining for her not to leave. We only met a few times, but her actually visiting me got us closer. I feel like a creeper now. Oh no! What if she think that I am one?? OMG Chan Shik calm down... just calm down *taking deep breaths*. Anyways, she told me what she doing at the hospital the first time we met. I didn't actually think that she becomes a stalker if she's interested in something. She only visits me when the hyung's aren't here though.

          I'm finally getting out of this crappy hospital, you don't know how happy I feel. I'm sorry hospital if that offended you, I know you took care of me but let's be honest you're pretty boring. Now, I think I'm going crazy.. I'm talking to a building which have no feeling and doesn't talk -_-, but still I'm thankful that this building existed. Back to my story, too bad that Min can't come see me today since the hyungs and of course my chingus will be seeing me.

Jinyoung's POV

          My dongsaeng seems happy these week. Whatever the reason is I'm glad that he's not lonely and finally out of the hospital. It does get pretty lonely in the hospital since there's really no one to talk to except the doctors and nurses. O.O Let me repeat that in my head once more 'no one to talk to....', he met someone in the hospital and only people in-love smiles that stupid. He met a girl!! Wah.. *amazed* He couldn't even bother telling his hyung. Pfft, this kid jinjja...

          He got more happy that he's coming out of the hospital. I think everyone would know why.. *teasing* 'Because now he can see his girlfriend and go on dates.'. Okay so I'm jealous that he have his girl before me, but I fully support his relationship if he's happy. I hope their gonna be happy.

Baro's POV

          Jung Hwan and I attended all of our classes this week, well except of course the first day. Nothing was really much going on with this week. I go to school, go work, and then visit Chan Shik. That's pretty much it, we also have a party for him coming out of the boring hospital. During that party, Jin Young-hyung said that Chan Shik-ah is dating somebody. I'm happy for him ^-^, though I wonder how can you get a girlfriend when you're going to be stuck in the room. Anyways, secrets with 5 of us is really hard because we'll find out eventually XD.

Sandeul's POV

          There's really no point for Sun Woo and me skipping class. So we just attended those boring classes, but even though it was just Sun Woo and me it's still fun, At the party today Chan Shik kept denying that he has a girlfriend. Funny he turned really red. *lol-ing* He's becoming a man *trying not to burst out of laughter*.


          Seriously, am I the only normal one? They kept bothering him, I mean this is why Chan Shik won't tell us anything. *sigh* Even I won't tell them because they make this huge commotion over such little things. Actually, Chan Shik told me about her, I'm happy he met a nive girl. I wonder if the girl feels the same way he does.

Gongchan's POV

          These people are really too much -________- and I'm suppose to see them the rest of my life?? *sigh* At least Dong Woo-hyung understands. The other 3 just jumps into conclusions. Now that I remember, I hears a news from Jin Young-hyung that Suzy-noona is coming back to Korea, Trouble. I wonder why my parents only took her to New York and left me and hyung? TT^TT Thinking about it.. isn't that favoritism??


          *MONDAY!, everyone going to school* Min was waiting for Gongchan by the gate in the morning. Gongchan texted her to wait for him and go to school together once he woke up. Once Gongchan arrived they walked together, getting to know each other more.

Min: So.. How does it feel to be back to school?

Gongchan: I still feel the same way I feel when I was here, never want to go at all.

Min: Jinjja... I don't, this place gave me friends. I only go to school for friends. I mean everybody does.

Gongchan: True. Who's in our class who I know?

Min: Ummm... Ah!~ The guys who visited you at the hospital.. Baro and Sandeul.

Gongchan: YES!

Min: -_- Any other questions?

Gongchan: Yes.. *serious* Will you go out with me?

Min: *nervous for a sec then laughed* Nice try... I almost fell for that.

Gongchan: *upset* I know we only met not that long yet but I really like you.

Min: *silent*

Gongchan: *smiles* It's okay if you don't answer now. Just tell me when you're ready. *went to class*

          Min's head was full of thoughts and questions that she can't concentrate in class at all. She doesn't even know her own feeling. She really likes Gongchan but not that way. *scratches head* 'Aish!!! This is so annoying! Get out of my head already!!'. She looked out the window and her eyes landed on Baro, who was sleeping of course. All the things she was just thinking was gone and left with one question... 'What's in that guys head?'. She put her head down staring at him, then fell asleep. When the bell rang, it was finally recess. She came out of the room half asleep. *slip* Min got so scared that she hugged the person who catched her really tight.

Min: *afraid to open eyes, smelling* 'Ahhh he smells so good, he's warm, and very comfy' *peeking* 'Yellow haiiirrrr... wait O.o YELLOW!?' *pushes the person* ''OMG why does it have to be BARO out of all guys!?' Why are you touching me!?

Baro: Thank you.. Your welcome!!! Is that how you thank people?

Min: Mianhada :/ Jeangmal Mianhada.

Baro: You owe me lunch if you're really sorry.

Min: Mwo-yaahhh...

Baro: Give me your phone.

Min: *gives phone*

Baro: *put his number on her phone* Tell me when are you going to give me free lunch.

Min: *angry* Arraseo ahjjussi~

Baro: Bye~



Suzy's POV

*calls Gongchan*

Gongchan: Yeoboseyo?

Suzy: Chan Shik-ah~ It's noona!

Gongchan: Oh noona~ How are you?

Suzy: You'll know if you pick me up at the airport..

Gongchan: O.O Jinjja! You're in Korea right now!!!??

Suzy: Yeah. Don't tell your hyung I'm here. I'm going to surprise him, arraseo? He only know I'm going back with omma and appa after 2 months.

Gongchan: Arraseo~ Is omma and appa with you?

Suzy: Ani. I asked if I can go back and just study here already since you guys only started school, right?

Gongchan: Ahh... I'll be there soon.

Suzy: Mm.

          Chan Shik-ah's the best when you ask him to do something. This is why I love him ;P. I can't wait to see how much Korea changed. I'm thinking it didn't change much 'cause I've only been away for 2 years. I can't wait to hangout with the trouble makers again and Sun Woo. He hasn't change much, has he?

Gongchan's POV

          I asked Min to date me today. *sigh* I guess she doesn't feel the same way because if someone ask you out, the person will immediately answer yes or no. Suzy-noona called me today asking me to pick her up at the airport. I haven't seen her for so long, at least she made my day a little brighter. Then again, it'll disappear... I wonder if this will upset Sunwoo. I feel like hiding her some where but I know that wouldn't work -.-. I have too many thoughts going around my head. My problem right now is picking her up then Sun Woo, wait no. Where is Suzy-noona going to sleep when we get home? One thing I know, she is not sleeping in my room.


As mentioned to AmyTwixx1993 that imma post this on Friday or Saturday ;P

I got really mad while typing half of chapter 5 cuz I always type on the Word then transfer it..

My computer messed up on me so what I just typed was not saved ><

I still like the story though :b

Enjoy~ <3

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lol hope you'll keep reading^^ I'm sorry for taking a long time(:
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