My Life As A Sajang-nim's Daughter



You are the daughter of YG's Sajang-nim.

   He is the most precious trainee in the company.   

 You both met on a wrong term. 


_____________________________________________yup, that's all of it for my description. i don't want to ruin the story by putting my storyline here.





Hi there! I’m new here. Not very new as I’ve always been here and there to read awesome fics!

Actually the urge to write has always been there but I’m just too busy with my exams and  spazzing  studying to do. But, now I have around 3months of freedom. So I decided to finally write my own fic that have to be typed as I actually scribbled it on a few pieces of paper during school.


I am   GDaeLly   and here to present an original story:



            My Life As  A Sajang-nim’s  Daughter!            



 Yang Mia / You. 

  • Born in 1990.
  •  Have no siblings.
  • Family members consist of Papa YG and his wife
  •  Background still unknown.
  • Sweet at times. Can be really hard to understand.
  • Bubbly











Kwon JiYong/GDragon.


  • Born in 1988
  • Once a part of GDYB
  • Friendly
  • Easily misunderstood the situation so always jumping into conclusions without asking first.
  • Leader of BIGBANG.
  • Really talented in making music and rapping.
  • Best friends with YeongBae.















Kang Daesung  


  • Born in 1989
  • Have past relationship with you.
  • Always smiling.
  • Smiling angel.
  • Easily approachable.
  • will become very handsome as time passes <3

















Other characters: 

Dong YeongBae / Taeyang.

  • Born in 1988.
  • Bestfriend with GD
  • have a very cute eye-smile.
  • can't approach girls by himself. :P
  • always very warm like the Sun



















   Choi Seung Hyun/ T.O.P  


  •    ​Born in 1987
  • Oldest in the group
  • have a very complicated mind to understand.
  •   caring.
  •    protective.
  •  Have very impressive ability : to rap without moving mouth. :P



















Lee SeungHyun / Seungri  

  • Born in 1990
  • same age as you but older by a few months
  • the maknae in BIGBANG
  • prankster
  • his partner-in-crime is Daesung
  • bussiness minded
  • have very wide connection with girls



















Jang HyunSeung

  •         born in 1989
  • best friend with GD
  • very sensitive
  • will debut in BEAST
  • friendly, nice and caring towards you












  Yang HyunSeok / PAPA YG  

  • the man who made it all possible
  • the King of Trolls
  • have a side of humor
  • once in a group called Seo TaeJi and The Boys
  • fatherly





















  YG Family  







HI guys! i was supposed to update today but its new year and im excited about MBC Gayo Daejun. stick with me ok lovelies~!


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