The Child of Namyrur


The history have written dark times and speak of the feud between the Nairn Kingdom and the Namyrur Kingdom. There are stories told upon children that either were to blame for the war that ensued. However, only few are left with the real truth. Time has passed and now, one of the fallen Namyrurians will see to the vows they made come true and retells a new history. But he'll have to deal with an obnoxious Prince Minho beforehand.


Hello there. This is my first attempt of writing a fic with a setting in medieval age. It's kind of Merlin-ish, because I'm so infatuated with him now. But, of course, my story has its own twist and plot that I hope can skyscrape your expectations. Since English is not my native tongue, I seek forgiveness for future mistakes. Also, I'll be working on another fic series whilst writing this one too, so some update complications might emerge. Hope it lights up your day when you read it. ^^

Guuuuuuuys this is really awesome i have such great plot twist

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Serynyty12 #1
Chapter 10: Will you continu this story please?
Tae_minho #2
Chapter 10: Will u plz update...? Am dying to read
Chapter 10: I love this SO much
shawolot5 #5
Omg!! We bby. I wantd update bad!! I am happy u update
Chapter 10: woahh you're backk:)))) welcomewelcome! I've been dying for waiting this fic to be updated, so thank you hehe btw i read this from the start again, the fun is multiplied!
Chapter 10: I just finished reading all the chapters! I couldn't stop reading! Thank you a really good 2min fic! Hope you don't give up on it. :) Looking forward to more 2min :)
Chapter 10: hi there authornim.. ^^
I'm a new reader here..
i found this story not long ago and decide to subscribe although you haven't update for a long while
and you finally update this story
i'm so so so happy you don't even know it
thanks a lot for updating authornim :)