In which the life of a blind man collides with another man blind of his purpose walking the earth.





A/N:I'm having a break. My chapters need a major editing before I proceed with the next so bare with me. Sorry. >_<


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meridias #1
Chapter 1: oh man this is intense!
aryadrottning #2
bdz357998 #3
Chapter 5: Noooo someone help!!! Save daehyun!!! T.T Please update soon!!
daehyunnie getting his face screwed is not enough yah noona noona yah yah yAH NOONA
givivi123 #5
Chapter 5: Yonggukkie, come save DaeDae, NOW! Anyway, Author-nim, will you be updating anytime soon?
Chapter 5: update soon!! i want to know what will happen DD8 pleeeease!!! x_x
Even if I don't really like Daehyun being almost assaulted here, I like how this fic 'walks slowly', the tempo isn't rushed so I as a reader could really absorb the situation and how the characters felt. This is great <3
Chapter 2: i like the idea of an almost kiss.
Chapter 5: D: Please update soon! This is a terrible place to leave Daehyun! He needs saving! And Youngguk needs to take care of him. There's a certain kind of pride/pity that you have in Daehyun in this, to be so fearless in dealing with the inevitable of his illness, but this is too much!

I can't imagine a scarier situation, but on top of that, you can't see! He could run into these same men two days later and not even know, except to hear them speak. :( We need closure! Please keep going!!