Married, Because of Business Matters

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What if you get married to your biggest crush only for business matters? Will he fall in love with you eventually? Or will he stick by his girlfriend’s side till death breaks them apart? 

Read to find out :)



JunhyungLuv is once again back with a new fic!

This time starring you and Kris!

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The Sequel is out:

Marriage or Love? 

Marriage and Kids


For this awesome, beautiful and wonderful Poster the credits goes to: Pinky861 Gomawo Dongsaeng^^


You: 18 Years Old

  • Korean
  • Playful
  • Stubborn
  • Childish

Kris: 22 Years Old

  • Chinese
  • Mature
  • Cold Stare
  • Cocky

Yixing: 22 Years Old


  • Chinese
  • Funny
  • Outgoing
  • Smart

Meihua (Fic): 22 Years Old


  • Chinese
  • Whiny
  • Beautiful
  • Mature



They will appear later in the fic ^^

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Chapter 55: heart heart~~~♡♡♡♡
Chapter 55: Yay I loved this
kjaya56 #3
Chapter 55: Great story >.< otw to the sequels now
useless_1 #4
Not my type
useless_1 #5
Chapter 41: So disappointed with the story
It gave me a headache
Chapter 55: This was a great story!
kriseu_chu #7
Chapter 35: hickey maker lol
kriseu_chu #8
Chapter 10: what the fudge! he doesn't like her for acting so immature (which is appropriate for her age btw) when he acts just like one lmfao
sikari #9
Chapter 55: Great story
hellomynameissimon #10
This is well written!