Cafe Hazelnut :D



So, the girls always seem to fall head over heels for the bad boys eh?

That deep, penetrating gaze ..... those mysterious eyes, that cold aura. Girls swoon when these bad boys walk by. Lost in their fantasies.

But not Kim Taehee. Nu'uh.

Kim Taehee has had enough of those type of guys in high school previously. With her good looks, she was sought after by many...not really a surprise but she hated the attention. She wants someone who will appreciate her for who she is. Who does not treat her like she's some kind of trophy to be won. 

Will she find that type of man?

Dudung! Sure she will .... with the help of a certain person named, Kang Jihoo of course!

Because Kang Jihoo (her bestie) is determined to play cupid. 

.... Who knows~ Taehee's prince may be closer than you think! ;D




Hello! This is coooookymonster!

Its not my first time writing a fanfic, but it IS the first time Im posting it here! Hope ya'll will support it and give its lots of love~

Honestly, I'm aiming this to be a 'feel-good' story .... something progressive :D There wont be any bad boy comes in and steals the girl away. Heeee. Its going to be *well thats what im planning for* a beautiful love story that blossoms like a pretty flower. With occasional action scenes, since well....the main guys are detectives ya know? 

So in certain parts, danger lurks. Uuuuu~ 


Okay, that was unnecessary. Excuse me. xD

 *points downwards* Preview of the characters, right down there! Check it out~~




Along that stretch of shop houses, there lies a small quaint café managed by a lady, Kim Taehee. Despite its size, the café is bustling with activity. Popular for its coffee, milkshakes and food, people of all ages like to flock there and enjoy a meal. We are of course, talking about Café Hazelnut. Lets go in and have a look.

At this moment, there is a lady behind the counter, a wide smile on her face. Kim Taehee. She’s attending to some customers, but lets pause the moment shall we?

The adorable Kim Taehee. Owner of Café Hazelnut, and known to be very friendly and sweet. She’s great at cooking and all the food in her humble café are tasty and made from fresh ingredients.

Zooming away from Taehee, we shift our attention upon a young man sitting in the far corner of the café. His head buried in a book with a cup of the famous hazelnut coffee sitting on the table. Someone approaches him and he looks up and smiles. Lets click the pause button again shall we?


Meet Kim Dongjun. The little brother of Kim Taehee …. and look at him! Bright eyes, handsome with good physique…. Good looks must run in the family. Despite his handsome feature, the man does not live using his looks only. He’s got the brains and is very inquisitive. You’ll learn more about him later on.

Looks like he knows the girls who approached him. Hey,we know them too! Its Lee Ji Eun and Suzy! Friends of his in high school, and Ji Eun is his sister’s right hand helper.

Lee Ji Eun. The charming and adorable girl who works at Café Hazelnut. She has a beautiful voice and makes the most incredible cupcakes! Don’t underestimate her good looks for lack in wisdom, the girl was a top student at her previous school. Good friends with Dongjun but blushes when anyone asks if she likes him. She, of course denies it. *wink wink*

Suzy. The simple girl who volunteers at the local animal shelter from time to time. Gifted in Mathematics, she sometimes do  tutoring and earn extra income that way. Independent and strong willed despite her innocent face. Tough as a cookie, so they say. ^^

We press the play button and suddenly the bell rings and new customers barged into the café. A group of boys, shoving each other and laughing. College friends and childhood friends of Dongjun. Two of them, Kwanghee and Minwoo work part time at Café Hazelnut. The rest, well. Lets just say they liked hanging out here, and sometimes makes themselves useful.


Well, you’ve gotten to know most of the main people in this story….but you’ve yet to meet another two. The dynamic duo….but to their female colleagues, the Ulzzang duo. Known for their good looks, they were sought after by many. Guys envy them, and the girls adore them. Lets find them, they’re not here,at the café. The two of them are in car somewhere in downtown Seoul, driving back to their headquarters.  One is behind the wheel, and the other is busy on the phone. The guy behind the wheel, with his dark brown hair swept to the side, is Kang Jihoo (OC). Oozing with charisma, he is known for his sharp shooting skills and is a pro at martial arts. Despite his sometimes stony expression, the man has a kind heart and is loyal to his team.

The other man on the phone, is his partner, Kim Hyun Joong. With his roguish like hair he exudes a certain, ‘bad-boy’ feel but the man is nothing of the sort. In fact, he likes to smile and has a cheeky attitude. Often, those were his best assets when trying to win over information from some stubborn females. Despite his cheeky self, Hyun Joong is not a player. He's the type to go all out in protecting those closest to him. The man is known to have a very keen eye for detail which proved helpful in many of their cases.


Further elaboration~~


Kim Taehee – The pretty older sister who runs a small cafe and is very fond of her younger brother, Dongjun.  A great cook. Reserved and kind. Stubborn. She has a sweet mesmerizing smile that makes its ways to her eyes.

Kim Dongjun –  The athletic brother of Kim Taehee.  Despite his good looks, the guy is brainy but very down to earth. Currently studying Business at the local college.  Treats Yunho like his real hyung, although they are not related. Like his sister, he is kind and considerate. His bad trait : He has a short fuse. 

Lee Ji Eun – Taehee’s assistant in the café. A girl who is two years younger than Dongjun, working part time in the café to pay her college tuition fees.  A good friend to Dongjun, since he helps out occasionally at the café.  Warm, adorable and talkative only with those she’s familiar with.

Kim Hyun Joong –  Works as a detective. Moved in to the neighborhood recently and is assigned to Kang Jihoo, another detective. Cheeky and popular with almost everyone due to his friendly attitude.  Has a sharp eye for detail. Loves to eat but doesn’t drink alcohol.  Very protective of the people he cares about and hates abusive people. Despite his good looks, he has yet to find his true love. :3

Kang Jihoo –  A detective. His partner, Kim Hyun Joong is a carefree guy. Jihoo is slightly more reserved, but not cold. He has a warm heart and is kind.  He is the childhood friend of Taehee and Dongjun, so he knows them well and often drops by the café. He promised Taehee’s late father that he’ll take care of them well, but Taehee is no more than his close friend, despite what others may think. Secretly plans to pair up his partner with Taehee and thinks they would be a good match. (hikhik)

ZEA will play minor characters in the story ^^


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