The Perks of Being a Stylist/Coordinator


This one shot/drabble just came to my mind when I was doing my lab reports. Actually it was only excuse to write. God, my hand was itchings for something fiction instead some so called factual lab reports. Gahh. Hey, please comment if you like/dislike okay? I accept it all. I'm like craving for some comments. *please dont mind my attention seeking. 


Thank you for reading.<3




A simple drabble what happen as you a Super Junior stylist follows KRY to Yokohama for their Christmas Concert. It start when you just finished with stylisting Kyuhyun, Ryeowook call you suddenly.

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Chapter 1: Nice story! I would love to be a kpop stylist. Love KRY!!!! Wookie!!! Cant believe he's 25!!!!!