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This story is about a lovely girl name Jessica Jung.

She have handsome and lovely bothers that care and love her so much. Her life changed after she enrolled at Seoul University college.

Did she manage to get new friends or new enemy? What the things that can change her life?

Like it or not?can't wait for the response. my 1st fanfic ever.hope u guys will like it.

Main cast:
Jessica Jung
Hero Jaejoong
Kwon Jiyong

support cast:
Yunho DBSk
Yoochun DBSK
Heechul SUju.

all of the character have nothing to relate with reality. It's just fictional and hope everyone will enjoy while reading my fic.

comments and feedback are welcome. ^_^



graphic - by me.. a.k.a choki2lovejessi




Have you ever loved someone,

And known they didnt love you?

Have you ever wanted to cry,

And wondered what they'd do?

Have you ever looked into their eyes,

And known they didnt care?

Have you ever looked into their heart,

And wished that you were there?

Never fall in love my friend,

You'll see it doesnt pay,

It isn't worth the heartache it causes on the way.

Again I say dont fall in love,

and all i say is true.

You see my friend i ought to know

Cause I fell in LOVE with YOU.





21 years old.

The youngest in Jung's family.

Gorgeous. Small face with pink lips and bright eye.

Her smooth brunette hair makes her appearance almost perfect.

Don’t like to overdress up.

More prefer with simple casual style but looks cute and attractive

Sweet, naughty and aegyo when she with her family.

Love to sings and dance. Have delicate voice sort of angel.

Don’t like people who eager to get attention, especially bimbos in her college.

Like to sleep with animal costume that her parents bought for her.

If there is one thing that is kind of misleading about this lady,

it’s that many attribute to her as being a mean person,

not being able to warm-up to people easily and with a very hard outer shell that is hard to crack.



22 years old

The real kingkas in Seoul Multimedia College

Always do whatever he think right and necessary.

Didn’t have a very good first impression .

Don’t like people who ignored his appearance

Fall in love with a girl who he thinks as an enemy.




22 years old.

Senior in Seoul University

Major in Fashion/designing

Very talented but still humble

Friendly and easy-going

Love Jessica at a first sight.





JUNG'S FAMILY ( Jung Yunho, Jung Junsu.Jung Yoochun, Jung Heechul)


i would like to dedicate my special thanks to  THE BEST & CHERRYANNCHERRY for their wesome efforts and work in making my fanfic trailer.for for fo 

MY AWESOME -IF-FANFIC TRAILER - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ultBA0CQOC0

cr:  http://bestiesreviews.tumblr.com/  (( (Abi)

& http:// http://darkishpink.tumblr.com/ (Ann)

once again..thanks guys!!!!!!! 



 this is my ver 1st time in writing....sorry for all grammar or spelling error...since i'm not so good in english...comments are welcome.


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gaylay27 #1
Chapter 24: Saw oppa jiyong ?? Yay I miss him !!
gaylay27 #2
Chapter 8: Awww I couldn't read it :(
gaylay27 #3
Chapter 7: Awww GD is my hero now because he save sica even though it's not real hehe
pinkaddict #5
looks like the ice princess meet his prince charming!! :DD

i like jessica but not that much, :DD i lke her cute voice! and jaejoong i like his hot body LOL!!

but im gonna read this story ! :DDD
I love JAESICA and JISICA! Please make another Jessica FF ^.^
I love this story. I love Jisica couple. AWWW. I wanna Jisica ending, Can you make another fanfic about Jisica?
[deactivated] #8
it should have been Jisica in the ending. oh gosh, jiyong suffered alot. Aisshhh
[deactivated] #10
the best!:)))