This girl.



Besides some hot guys there's going to be Yuri as well.
But They are not singers. No, no... They are simple hard working humans.
Yuri is a girl whose parents told her to move out, because she's already 20 and has a job. After that her older brother suggested her to live with him for awhile, but she dislikes the idea about being a burden for him and his one-night-stand girls. So she's searching for a new apartment. Not big one, just a simple one where she can sleep and eat. Since Yuri works a simple job in market, she doesn't have a lot of money, so she has to move in with other people so that the rent would be even smaller.

Yuri~. (you)

She's 20. Yuri is y, cute and pretty. She's also funny, every guy would want her you say? Not if she on purpose changes her character to not be hit on. When she goes to clubs where her brother "works" she always get guys who say "what is this angel doing here?" "what is this pretty face doing here?" "did this young lady got lost?" And one day she realized that all the guys want the same thing.. . So she said to herself *Damn it.. I'm not THIS..* so now whenever she goes somewhere and she gets hit on, she just pretends to be really annoying or stupid so the guys would go away.. You'd say it is stupid? or something like  that?.. But it's really annoying when guys even at your work want to kiss you or more.


He's 25 years old. He's a total womanizer, who does performance and lure girls in the club with his sweet voice. Every girl would think  he's a really nice guy who wouldn't hurt anyone because his songs are about love, but what they know the next morning after the night with him the first words are "leave with peace, sweetie."
He can be a little violent a well. But as a brother... Yes he's awesome! He's awesome when it come to girls and taking care of his sister. He once kicked some guy's because he dumped his sister.


He's 22. Luhan lost his home after his parents died in a car accident when he was 17, he had to live in the streets for a couple of weeks, but then he met Kai. They both gambled until they could afford one room apartment. He's really stubborn and cute, like a little kid. He can win everything with his aegyo against his friends, who dislikes him being cute. But the true is he isn't taht innocent how he sounds. He can flirt better than anyone, but he doesn't like playing around with girls.
Luhan, every time when he meets a new girl, he does a test to see if she's cool. "What do you think about me?" he'd ask and if the girl says "i think you're cute" that means that she is not cool, because she is like every girl who he meets. But if she said something else something original any other word besides cute, handsome, hot.. That means she's cool. Again you'd say "it's not true. Doesn't work" Believe me it does. You'll see.


He's 21. He ran away from his home when he was 16 and by then he met Luhan and they're are friends ever since. Kai believes he can make any girl fall for him, not even once or twice he and his friend had a bet about it.. Always would be the same. After 2 or a little bit more days a girl would come knocking and saying "i love you oppa!! ".. But Kai isn't some or worse. He can be a little erted, but he has his limits as well. He has a rule. Don't kiss any girl on her forehead, if you're just going to play with her feelings. That is because Kai thinks a kiss on the forehead is really sincere.


He's 20. Sehun had a lot of debts for some gangsters, when he was 18, but then he met Kai and Luhan who helped him pay all of it back. Actually he's really sweet and kind. He's one of those who'd help even if he would be woken up in the middle of the night with a call.
He's like the mother of his 3 friends who he live with.
A lot of girls have confessed to him, but he turned them all down. Why? Because he already like someone.. But that someone isn't just anyone..
it's Luhan. No one knows that so every day seeing Luhan, having fun with him.. It makes him miserable.


He's 21. This guy moved in with Kai, Luhan and Sehun just last year. He was living with his girlfriend happily but just the night of the Christmas she said that she wanted to break up. He needed a place to stay for a night and he found a post in the internet. *An apartment with 5 rooms, searching for a roommate. In the apartment is already living 3 20/22 years old guys. The rent is 70$ a month.* It was a great offer, he needed just one night, but instead he stayed there for a month and got really friendly with the guys. So he decided to just stay there. After a half of the year guys bought that apartment. Lay himself is funny and can sweet talk with girls all day all night , but sometimes his mood can just change in a second. He can start being violent as well. Once guys had a big fight with him over what room he should stay in. There was two room, one bigger and one smaller, guys wanted the bigger room to be like video games' room, mini bar maybe and that kind of stuff. But Lay said no.They stayed up all night and Lay didn't give up. 

After that they didn't mess with him anymore, he got the bigger room.

As you see all the guys are pretty hot and flirty.

As you understand every guy has their own story of the past.

What will happen when they will be searching for a new roommate? 

What will happen when that room-mate will appear as a girl?



"Umma!" you shouted from your room "ah waee?? " your mom came in a second.. " I found it, you said. I found the apartment." you smiled at your mom who was so happy to see you grow up "you did well." she fixed your hair "umma.. I have to change now.." you said " I will be leaving in 30 minutes for a look around in that apartment" you continued. "kuere.. our daughter is really growing up.." your mom smiled at you. Then she left you to change your clothes. You took out your skinny jeans and put it on. After done with the make up, you took your bag, put on a pair of Louboutins that cost you more that you thought it would and went out.

After riding the bus, you took out a piece of paper from your bag and looked at the address. You were two blocks away. You walked for another 10 minutes. Then finally you were standing in front of the red door with a weird doorbell. You were hesitating to press it because you were afraid to found out that people who live here are some kind of weirdos. You sighed and finally ranged it. *must make a good first impression* you thought to yourself. 
"hello?" some guy opened the door. "who are you?" he asked You just stared at him for a couple of seconds since he was so good looking."I..I.. I'm Kwon Yuri.. I'm here for a rent?" she said like asking him. "oh! come in. please. " he opened the door widely.

"Thank you. " you said as he handed you your tea. "so you're going to be living here? " the guy asked " I don't know about that yet, but I'm pleased to see it so tidy here. " you said "oh. We have a maid." the guy cheerfully said "ahh.. i see. But do I need to pay for her as well, if I move in?" you asked "no. no.. Everything is taken care for she is paid for another year. " he said " are you living here too? " you suddenly remembered that you don't even know his name. " Oh right! I didn't even introduce myself." he stood up from the couch and bowed and said "I am Luhan. I live here too. Nice to meet you. " he looked at you . "You too." you relied. After talking about everything about your room and the food problem you asked him " how many people live here?"  "four." he said as hoping she wouldn't ask about their gender. " kuere? Then when should we write a contract? or something like that? " you asked Luhan looked at the time it was 3pm already. " We can do it now if you have time. " he said "sure." you smiled.

You both sat on the couch again. Luhan brought the papers that were already ready for a new room-mate. "You just need to write you name and sign here" he pointed at the paper with the pen *I can't believe I will be living with a hot guy..* you thought to yourself as you signed the papers. "by the way who are the others living here" you suddenly asked and that got Luhan to stop clicking the pen on and off. "Me. " he said " and other three guys...." he looked at the ground. "BWO?!" you stood up from the couch. "How can I.. I live ... HOW CAN I LIVE WITH JUST FOUR GUYS!! " you yelled. "You didn't ask" Luhan said with cute face. "don't you think  you should have told me yourself???" you asked still panicking * how can I live with just guys? * you thought and looked at Luhan who had his confused face on. *why didn't my aegyo worked?* he was thinking.

"Luhan-ah~." suddenly the door opened ant another guy entered. "oh. annyeonghaseyo.." he politely bowed. "Does he live here? " you looked at Luhan. "Ne. Ne.. Introduce yourself. She's our new room-mate. Kwon Yuri. " Luhan smiled " He is Sehun. " Luhan continued. "ROOM-MATE. MY ." you muttered
"Nice to meet you" Sehun came closer "Nice to meet you too. " You smiled at him since nothing could be done. You have to live here now that the papers are signed.

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