Dare: Join Boyfriend!


Two weeks before you begin highschool, your friends ask you to do a dare.

You agree.

Your dare is to pretend to be a BOY and join Boyfriend, a highschool club of boys who sing songs and hang out together.

Easy, right?

Keeping your identity a secret, you, for the rest of highschool, be a boy, in hopes of joining.

This dare seems literally impossible to do...

~Little do you know that this dare will change your life forever~


You: A daring, easygoing, sacastic and friendly person. You're a fast runner and enjoy drawing in your free time.


Kwangmin: Is goofy, playful, and simple. He loves company... and cats, cats and more cats. Kwangmin likes telling jokes, even though not all his jokes are funny.


Youngmin: Youngmin loves pigging out, although he's stunningly healthy. Youngmin excels in maths. He's a animal lover at heart.


Minwoo: Minwoo has a catch-phrase that he always says when something stuns him-- "Woo!!". Minwoo, along with everyone else, enjoys teasing you.


Jeongmin: Random and somewhat uptight, Jeongmin is actually very smart, although on the outside, people find him dumb because he always holds back at school.


Donghyun: Donghyun likes to pretend that he's a superhero~ adds affect to this by pretend that he's the "main character". Can be annoying at times.


Hyunseong: Silent and serious, Hyunseong can act immature at times. Likes to act cold for the sake of it.


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bonanana #1
Chapter 1: i got this gut feeling that something interesting is gonna happen soon...
._. Found a story for Miyuki2001 XD
bonanana #3
this sounds interesting......... :) update soon!!