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it was my second story after Hate U Love U...Hope you guys enjoy my second story ~


It's about a different character person falling in love..


Kim Shin Yeong

-A Happy Person .
-Have an oppa names Key Ki Bum.
-Live with Key since their parents passed away .
-Love Key like love herself.
-When to university after sucess pass the graduation.
-didn't like Luhan because of him attitude.
-Like to watch 'Pororo The Little Peguin'.
-Like Ice Cream
-Brave girl.
-18 years old.
-Like to sleep and play with bestfriend, Ahri.
-Sometimes, help his oppa at cafe.


Xi Luhan.

-A chinese-Korean boy.
-A cold-heart boy.
-studies at university of California with Key before.
-back to Seoul and stay with Key.
-like to eat Mayo for every dish.
-had a girlfriend before, Jiyeon.
-Annoying person.
-When he lying on the bed and close his eyes for awhile, he will fall sleep.
-23 years old.
-Key's bestfriend.
-didn't like Shin yeong because of think that all girls is same .


Key Kim Bum

-24 years old.
-Oppa of one cute sister, Shin yeong.
-Bestfriend's Luhan when studies at California.
-Had a cafe.
-Allow his sister for continue studies to university.
-Take care his sister after his parents passed away.
-Know Jiho since he and his sister was young.
-Love his sister so much.
-Like watching his sister and Luhan fight.
-Like watching sunshine in the early morning and look at the sea.


Park Ji Ho

-20 years old.
-Be friends with Shin yeong and Key since he was 5 years old.
-Close to Key and Shin yeong.
-Treat Key like his hyung.
-Back from overseas and live at Seoul for 2 years without Shin yeong know .
-A Happy Virus person.
-His appa and umma still at overseas.
-Friends with Chi Hoon and Tae Jun.
-Studies at same university with Shin yeong.
-Release that he like Shin yeong and try to get her heart.


Song Ah Ri.

-18 years old.
-Shin Yeong's bestfriend since 9th grade.
-Always by Shin Yeong side.
-Fans of Key , Shin Yeong oppa.
-Like watching Luhan.
-didn't continue studies after graduation.
-Lovely person.
-Recently visit orphans house.
-JungHee ahjumma's niece.
-Like to play with kids at orphans house.


Lee Chi Hoon.

-18 years old.
-Shin Yeong's classmate at university.
-JungHee's ahjumma nephew.
-Ahri's cousin.
-Jiho and Tae Jun best friend.
-Close to Shin Yeong.
-Had a crush on Shin Yeong for 1 day (only).
-Like to smile.
-Hottest boy at university.
-Known as 'Chi-Chi Boy'.
-sharing about subject that he learn with Shin yeong.
-Help JungHee ahjumma to save the orphans house.


Tiffany Hwang / Stephanie Hwang.

-18 years old.
-Like Chi Hoon.
-Her enemy is Shin yeong , because of Chi Hoon close to her.
-Beauty and Cute girl.
-A wealthy girl.
-Like to smirk.
-Evil at class.
-Smart , Intelligent.
-Like to sing .
-A Korean-British girl.
-Her extraction is, her cute eye-smile.


Park Jiyeon.

-21 years old.
-Luhan's ex - girlfriend.
-Beauty and Cute girl.
-Sweet girl.
-A famous modelist at overseas.
-Back to Seoul and find Luhan.
-Intelligent and smart.
-Unlike Shin Yeong because she's looks like close to Luhan.
-Love Luhan and release just love him.



[윤지98라이인] Episode 38 is done !! :') Read , comment and subcribe , please ~ :')

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