Our Little Deal

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You're just a normal girl, born in a quite rich family. You live alone in a simple condo. Your lovable mom and dad are always the busy parents; working overseas, travelling here and there. In love with your boyfriend, everything seems to be perfectly fine but as time passes, you grew apart, it felt like you're the one who loves him instead. Shall you make a deal?




"... Each deal has its own rules ..."



"... To hurt or to be hurt ..."



"... We go by the rules ..."



"... It's a deal... "









Hello! *waves* This is an original story by me Q-Yura97

- This story is the inspiration from my last heart-rending relationship -




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Chapter 76: Love rereading this~~~♡
nice ♡
fgtalks #3
Chapter 77: I wanna kokocry ㅜㅜ Thank you for this beautiful story although I still love Luhan so much more than i love Kris. Luhan was so sincere, a guardian angel, and loveable. It's okay, Luhan, you still have me ♡ Once again thank you and pls tell Luhan he still have me ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
fgtalks #4
Chapter 59: I can't help it, i want Luhan to be the one that happy ㅜㅜ Can't he just get the girl ㅜㅜ
fgtalks #5
Chapter 58: Why i always fall for Luhan but he's always the second lead which is so hard for him to get what he deserves ㅜㅜ
fgtalks #6
Chapter 52: What the heck, Kris?!?!?!?!?
Chapter 75: Wowww it was a really amazing story. Haha Kris was a jerk but still loved her truly and he got the girl, hehe my ship all the way. Luhan was an Angel. Thanks Author~nim :)
160 streak #8
Chapter 75: Finally they are together. Usually I don't leave comments in the middle if I read already completed fic but girl I couldn't help to leave comments here and there. They went through so much , egoistic kids. I could be a lot more easier for them if they had confessed their feelings. I would have accepted even if you paired Kris with Ji min and hyo ri with luhan , which is definitely not like me , I am happy with the ending.
160 streak #9
Chapter 50: Omg what is this. Is Ji min two faced girl.
160 streak #10
Chapter 44: I like this Ji min girl more , a lot more than Jyothi ri