I Think I Love You


Despite being a 22-year-old girl, Nam Jihyun has never been in a relationship before. Although she has secret crush on her close friend, Kim Minjun she never make a confession to him because she is really shy and afraid of being rejected. One day, her friends that have lived with her for years suggest her for a blind date where she met with Park Hyungshik for the first time. Meanwhile Park Hyungshik who has just broke up with her girlfriends was actually a replacement for his friend for the blind date. Slowly he falls for her but he doesn't want to admit it because he's afraid of getting hurt again. Soon, Nam Jihyun is trapped in a complicated love story. How will Park Hyungshik react with this? How will Nam Jihyun deal with this relationship? Will Park Hyungshik find his last love? Will Nam Jihyun find her first love?


Major Characters :-

Nam Ji Hyun – A 22-year-old girl who wants to be in love for the first time. A gorgeous and glamorous person. She has an angelic personality that makes everyone likes her. She lives with her four best friends in an apartment near SeoulShe is currently attending Sangmyung Univeristy, Dance Major specifically in ballet.

Park Hyung Shik – A 20-year-old guy who want to be in love for the last time. A prince as labeled by his fans at the university. He is good-looking and tall but often mistaken as a model. He is a spoiled child but is very kind-hearted to everyone. He lives with his best friends, Dongjoon. 

Minor Characters :-

Bang Cheol Yeong – Also known as Mir, he is a very honest person that has loud personality. He lives at an apartment across the road where Nam Jihyun's apartment building is. He has a crush on Nam Jihyun.

Kim Min Jun – An owner of 'Panda Cafe' who got talent in songwriting and composing. A very romantic person that can melts everyone when he starts singing. He has close relationship with Nam Ji Hyun and the other girls.
Heo Gayoon - A rich girl with kind personality but often mistaken as cold-hearted person because of her appearance.
Jeon Jiyoon - A girl full with aegyo when she's around her friends. Best friend forever with Heo Gayoon. She eats a lot and often ask for food from the girls.
Kim Hyuna - A girl who always whine and fight with the girl. A good cooker. She is popular among the guys and often mistaken as a player. 
Kwon Sohyun - The youngest among the girls but she doesn't has aegyo as much as Jiyoon has. She has a lot of connection with guys and secretly dating someone without anyone knowing.
Kim Dongjun - He is Park Hyungshik's best friend and also a place for Hyungshik to express all his feeling of happiness or anger.



Hello. This is my first fanfic ever. I got the ideas to write this fanfic after I watch 'The Romantic & Idol'. I love the couple, JiHyung. I ship them A LOT. Some parts of this fanfic can be found in the episodes which I try my best to 'blend' this fanfic with that reality show. And I'm not a fan of ZE:A so I don't really know about them but I've started to know about Hyungshik because he's my bias now hehehee...Anyway, I've the first chapter done, but I'll release it after I'm done with the second chapter. Subscribe and I'll give you a blow of kisses kekeke~~

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Chapter 3: I really like your fanfiction, it's so funny i thought hyungsik will falling in love to jihyun, next please !!!!!!!!
Chapter 3: Author-nim, you are really good! I really like this version. Keep up the good work. BTW the posters, seriously jjang! Update soon please! ^^
Chapter 3: my hyungsik+jihyun feels are on BLAST! I can't find episode 8's english subs anywhere yet, so I'm replying on some fanfiction. :((

jidofjdasoi ugh this is so cute<3
mimiebum #4
Chapter 3: OMGG i'm loving this! Hope to see update from you soon, really love your writings!
Chapter 3: why mut jihyun like jun.k? why? why? why?
hyungsik has to win her over!
please update soon!
Chapter 2: Juz read this today and it's amazing! I really love this couple and u juz made me happy to read this very good story. Update soon
Chapter 2: aww so sweet. cant wait for next chapter^^
Chapter 2: new subscriber!! i love this chapter ^^ first date? yes. aww~ sweet.
watched the romantic & idol and im hooked to this couple! they're just meant to be <3
Chapter 2: It was a fun chapter. Waiting for the update :)