Fate and Destiny



So they have encountered a lot of challenges lately, and it seems like they stood the test of time and fate is not yet done with its job.
What if Mika and Sora were given a set of circumstances, and take note that one decision can change their lives forever? And to make the situation more complicated and extreme, the remnants of the past enters the picture once again, causing problems and misunderstandings? How will they cope up with these things coming their way, and not to mention, opportunities and chances that are too hard to resist?
Also, what if Sungmin and Eun Mi had a sudden closure and at the same time, the beginning of exasperations and trials in their relationship? Will they be able to hold on onto each other until the end?
What if Siwon has a secret which Haneul is oblivious about and he does not want her to know? What secret is this? If she knew, will she be happy or frustrated?
And last, but not the least, what if Kyuhyun changed once again, making Hana wonder. Is it for the better or for the worse? And will this affect their relationship?
The fourth story of The Fan Girl's Diary will answer all these What Ifs. And always remember, TAKE CHANCES WHILE YOU'RE ON IT. You'll never know unless you take a chance...don't let something from the past hold you back ? This sequel, will teach you what chances are all about. ?


Hello everyone~ Thank you all for reading the Fan Girl's Diary Trilogy. Since this is the fourth story, I recommend the first time readers to read the ff. first.


The Fan Girl's Diary. This is the first and true story featuring Miyu Suzuki and her life as an ELF.



Oppa's Dongsaengs: The search for the Super Junior's Lost Little Sisters.



Love Complex: The most complicated love story ever.



All characters were retained but tune in for more new characters coming your way~

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Chapter 85: I loves it!!!! X3 it's so cute!!!!

Love it!!!
Love Love LOve it!!!!!!!!! ^_^
Can't wait for more!!!!!!!!! xD
Chapter 79: -curios me- What's gonna happen in next chap?!!!! What's Kyu up to?!!!!! Kyaa..can't wait!!!!!!

Update soon!!!!!! ^_^
Chapter 78: Kyaaaaaaaaa....Love it!!!!!!!!!! xD
Happy New Year One-Chan!!!!!!!! :D
Can't wait for more!!!!!!!

Update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
kissabletaetae #5
Suju daebak!!! ^^
Chapter 62: Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!! kekekeke

Update soon!!!!!!! ^_^
Chapter 56: OMG!!! MiHyuk gonna dance Trouble Maker!!!!!
YAY...New Couple!!!! YeHyun!!!!! :D
The story is becoming more and more interesting!!!!! xD

Update soon One-Chan!!!!! ^_^
Chapter 50: Kyaaaaaaa.....♥
Love your story...Love your writing style.....Love the way you describe the couples.....and more!!!! kekeke
Btw I'm a HaeSora, SiNeul, KyuNa, EunMi shipper...and Lastly my Favorite couple, MiHyuk...The Strawberry, Jellyfish Anchovy Couple!!!! ^_~
Chapter 37: I've been reading since 2 hours!!!!!! Now, I'm so much hungry cause I haven't had lunch yet!!!! kekekekeke
Your stories are soooooooooo interesting!!!! Love them...♥
I love your writing style!!! You sure are a wonderful writer!!!! ;)
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Kyaaaa.....!!!!! The 4th Sequel!!! I'm so excited!! xD
But I can't read it now.... >.< It's already 10 pm and moreover I have a very busy day tomorrow!! I'll have to wait for the day after to read it!!!! Aishhh I frustrated right now!!!! :(