The Olive Branch


Kim Jaejoong. A sinful man who gets into a ton of trouble almost every day. Not that he's a devil or anything, but he's more of a rebellious teenager with no dreams or goals whatsoever in his life. With a father who tries to beat him up without getting caught by the police, a mother who is out in the country to make money, and his friends who take advantage of his rich state, he doesn't see a reason to live with colors in his life.

However, one encounter with an olive branch suddenly opens his eyes to the colored world of his future.


The strangest woman he had ever spoke to was Jung Jessica, a Korean-American who came from the United States and had come to Korea to pursue her dreams of becoming an entertainer. What was even more strange about her was that she held a book with blank pages, and pretended as if she was reading it. Then, she would use an olive branch and placed it in the middle of the book or wherever she had left off. He didn't understand her, but who cares? She had no intentions of knowing him, so why should he? Though his curiosity couldn't stop him as he called her with a name.

"Hey Blonde! What're you reading?"

She knew exactly who Kim Jaejoong was: a rebellious man who no one wanted to be friends with. Why on earth would she want to add him to her "already-perfect" life? She had a father who would come home on time to eat dinner, a mother who took care of the household, and a younger sister who obeyed her sister's commands (not really). To avoid him entering her life, all she did was bring her journal and pretend as if she was reading it. He wouldn't bother someone who seemed like a bookworm, right? However, one offensive comment causes her to meet his eyes.

"'Blonde?' Excuse me, but who are you to call me 'blonde?'"

He was only Jaejoong's closest "friend." Nothing more, nothing less. Taking advantage of Jaejoong was his favorite hobby, even though he had stacks of cash on himself. Was Jaejoong aware of his attentions? He didn't care. Even if Jaejoong found out, he knew that the quiet man wouldn't say anything. After all, he was more popular - more better. Then why did he lose to the skinny, unpopular girl from the biggest dance competition in the school?

"Don't get so full of yourself, Kwon Yuri!"

Money. Popularity. Two desires that almost every teenage girl would want. These were exactly what Yuri wanted. To be rich; to have her popularity soar high up into the air. She didn't have the brains or could sing well enough to impress others. The only things she had was her beautiful body and her ability to dance smoother than other students at her school. So when popular Yunho makes her as his rival, is she to be happy or depressed?

"Shut your mouth, Jung Yunho."

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8/11/13: Hey guys! I start school tomorrow, which means that there will be MONTHLY updates instead of weekly updates. Yep... Thanks for understanding!

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@DylonShinka: I'm like you enjoyed the fanfic! :D I felt that I kind of rushed it too much, but I'm still glad that you liked the ending. ^_^
DylonShinka #2
Chapter 31: Ahh so happy ending~!
really makes those who read it untouched and curious.
Thank you for your story, it was fun ^^
@ErinKrystal: Well, I'm probably not going to do a sequel (and if I was, it would probably highlight their marriage life or maybe one of their children's life), so yeah. ^^;;
Chapter 31: I hope you do another sequel! This story so interesting! :D
@roxxi1993: Well, I added the epilogue, if that makes you feel any better. :3 I was going to leave it as a cliff-hanger, but I thought that it would be nicer to add an epilogue instead. >_<
Chapter 31: Awww I was hoping for one more chapter before it truly ends!
But its so cute how it all ended!
Yunho finally had the courage to kiss Yuri!
And Jaesica got together after a long time of separation!
Thank you for completing the story!
@Glamgirls: Aha, thank you! ^o^
I love your foreword and description ><
@rapunsyoo: I was planning on having a cliff-hanger, but I decided to just end the story with a short epilogue. :P Thank you for reading! ^_^
Chapter 31: OMG THE EPILOGUE >___<
Yes it's kinda unclear for me but still better than hanging the story tho.
Good job author ^^